iOS Engineer

iOS Engineer

Meetup has been around the block—we were born back when 3D pixelated babies danced, bananas shouted "peanut butter jelly time" and phones only had one app: Phone. It turns out that people have a deep, innate human desire to meet up, so we’ve grown like crazy—but the desktop-centric, feature-cluttered product we started building over a decade ago just can’t sustain that kind of growth. We’re ready to reshape Meetup for the mobile, global future, and to craft experiences that echo the amazing feeling of going to a great Meetup.

In reinventing our entire user experience vision around mobile, we’re looking for an intrepid iOS Engineer to work on a platform that witnesses almost 500 daily meetups in NY alone while also bringing together tens of millions of people worldwide. You will be part of a team dedicated to giving our members opportunities to seek unique experiences, build friendships, and expand their networks.

We have a robust pipeline of new features to build, and we need your help!

As an iOS Engineer, you could be working on:

  • Implementing the transition to Swift and iOS 8

  • Designing tools for Meetup organizers

  • Improving user experience for RSVPing and paying for Meetups

  • Crafting new features to help members talk to each other online and off

  • Creating an onboarding narrative for Meetup Organizers

  • Integrating Pay

  • Ensuring continuity across all platforms

  • Building Meetup’s first universal app

  • Tools such as Xcode, TestFlight, Github, CocoaPods, Charles Proxy

Ideally, you possess:

  • A history of shipping great apps with an awesome portfolio to showcase

  • Excellent knowledge of Apple’s Core Data framework

  • UIKit experience, including VC Transitions, Auto Layout, and Storyboards

  • Experience in automation testing in any language

Our team is smart, ambitious, and passionate; the environment is relaxed and a lot of fun despite regular, tight deadlines. We are focused on quick, quality completion of projects and excited by what we do. We are looking for someone who is smart, collaborative, creative, and can get things done to a high quality and on tight deadlines.

Every member of the Meetup Team is expected to: be an Innovator; be a Collaborator; be a Champion for their ideas; be an Expert; have High Standards; be dedicated to the power of self-organized groups and our mission of A Meetup Everywhere About Most Everything ("MEME"); and most importantly, Get Stuff Done That Makes a Difference!

Check out our dev blog:

If the above describes you and your passions, we want to hear from you!

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iOS Engineer

we get to focus
on a simple dream

Join our team  

what if it were easy
to find the others?

what if the future
had more community?

what if every city
were a meetuppy city?

what if people
were more powerful?

what if we used the internet
to get off the internet?

what if the world
had a billion new friendships?

what if meetup
keeps growing forever?

what if there's
a meetup everywhere
about most everything?

that's our mission.

come help.

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