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Joomla Developer Needed for pre-launch work and some maintenance

A former member
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We are in need of some help putting some finishing touches on a Joomla 1.5 site that we plan to launch in the next two months. Here is what I need:

1. Recommendation/implementation of a shopping cart integrated with paypal that allows for digital downloads.

2. Recommendation/implementation for a subscription-based paywall similarly integrated with paypal.

3. Pre-launch security review and help implementing security recommendations.

4. Some help customizing a site feature.

Ideally, I am looking for someone who could be available after launch to help with ongoing maintenance issues as well. I have a strong preference for someone located in the South Bay (Sunnyvale/Cupertino/Mountain View) who could meet with me in person.

If you are interested, you can contact me at marc.general @ Thanks!
Jennifer G.
user 9435710
Santa Cruz, CA
Post #: 23
Hi MJ,

I don't suggest you launch a 1.5 site in the next 2 months as it is end of life and no more security updates will be released for it at all. In addition to that, many extensions (including shopping carts and subscription extensions) will also be ending support on their 1.5 versions shortly if they haven't already.

The wisest move, prior to adding a shopping cart or subscription extension would be to migrate your site to 2.5.x. Doing this before launching would be infinitely easier than launching in 1.5 and then having to essentially do it all over again in 2.5 afterwards.

I am concerned about your launching in 1.5. Is there some reason that you think this is the best thing to do?

jenn ;)
A former member
Post #: 3
What Jenn said... and depending on the sites needs maybe even going into 3.0.. Im doing a news website right now and we stuck we used 2.5 because of the requirements. But almost every other site we're doing Joomla 3.0
A former member
Post #: 2
Jennifer and Matthew - Thanks for your comments.

We started work on the site a few years back, which is why it is in 1.5. The site is content heavy. We expect about 300 pages at launch. That could easily double in the first year.

Moving to Joomla 2.5 or 3.0 is an option. I have another site that uses Wordpress. My concern is the time/effort needed to migrate. We are really anxious to get this out the door.

How difficult is it to migrate to 2.5 or 3.0? (From what I have read, it sounds like I will basically be rebuilding the site in the new version of Joomla then porting my content.)

If I will have to migrate anyway, should I look at wordpress as an option? Thoughts?

...of course, my initial request still stands. I really need a developer who could help with this. Any recommendations?
Jennifer G.
user 9435710
Santa Cruz, CA
Post #: 25
It depends on how you do it and what you have going as to how difficult it is to migrate. Each site is different so I can't tell you "it's easy" or "it's difficult" without taking a deeper look. Some sites are super fast. Others aren't.

I don't work with wordpress. I'm a Joomla girl so that's what I know. I can't tell you to look at wordpress as an option because of that and because I don't know how their ecommerce and subscription plugins equal up. In general, when I think "wordpress," I do not think of ecommerce.

That being said, even though you're anxious to get the site out the door, I recommend you take a deep breath and migrate to 2.5 (or 3) or even wordpress before launching your site. 1.5 is not considered stable and it is highly recommended to migrate immediately.

If you want to talk more about migration and your site, you can send me (or Matthew for that matter) a private message and we could have a chat via phone to see what it might take you. I would hold off on spending money to have someone help you with ecommerce and subscriptions in a 1.5'll just have to do it again would just be frustrating (I would be frustrated if it were me having the experience).

I know this isn't what you want to hear - yet, I'd be swaying you in an unfortunate direction if I were to not tell you these truths.

What you migrate to (either 2.5 or wordpress) will affect the extensions that might work for your implementation. Some extensions worked great in 1.5 and aren't so hot in 2.5 and some others are great in 2.5 now that didn't even exist in 1.5. All these things should be taken into account so that if you do build it out in 1.5, you can migrate the data to the same extension in 2.5 or 3.x in the future.

So I think if you get set on if you're migrating or not and to what, then it will be easier to both recommend extensions and find you someone to help you that is the right fit!

Your thoughts?

jenn ;)
A former member
Post #: 3
Hi Jenn,

Thanks for the detailed response. I took a look at the site again. I agree that migration would eventually be inevitable and that it would be better to migrate now rather than post launch. It also looks like SP Upgrade or jUpgrade might get me most of the way there.

I am definitely looking for some help. I'll send you a private message with my coordinates or you can ping me at
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