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What do think about trash? You will be surprised what you think. I will post on this next month.

Out last week on a paddle a member asked at lunch time what do you think trash is? He was eating an apple and when he finished it he was left over with the core and wanted to know if it was trash and need to pack it out or if we could simple dump it over the side of his yak. My response will be put in to the poll, but I did tell him that I have heard many different answers some that would be surprising to him from members and fellow kayakers. At the same time we noticed a buzzer watching us eat, it kind of creped us out and the scene with the 4 bikers pushing their bikes down the desert road from the movie Wild Hogs was brought up, that movie also made me think about the one guy the was bagging his Cr*p and would not bury it in the dirt. Same concept or not?? You decide and let me know so what is trash??? Mark Items as in: Trash Items will be put up as #10 pack it out. Not trash will be put as # 7 over the side. Not sure will be put as #3 Many ways to look at this. Mike C.

Feb 19, 2008 33 so far

What type of boat do you have?

Looking to see who has what, like in how many paddlers and power boats we have. Thinking about putting a river run together,, Silver Springs....

May 16, 2007 38 so far

What do You want to do????

I need to know what members want to do the most. This poll should just give me an idea who is still out there and what they are thinking about.

Mar 12, 2007 69 so far

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