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TONIGHT, WED 7 P.M. WEDNESDAY - Bar Night - SIMULTANEOUSLY Westport & Johnson County. Please, RSVP to [address removed] if you are coming or call[masked] and indicate which bar you'll come to so we know how many people to expect and how large of a table to get. If you get lost, please, call[masked]
Harry's Bar & Tables
501 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO
Link to the map & directions - http://snurl.com/4kuxu
The bar is on the SW corner of Westport and Pennsylvania and has huge windows overlooking both sides of the corner.

Fox & Hound Pub & Grill
10428 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS
(North of I-435 on West side of Metcalf)
For link to map and directions click here http://snurl.com/5z9dw
Below is the list of this week's freethinking activities in KC. If you have any suggestions for activities or would like to volunteer to set one up on your area, please, contact [address removed]

For all FreeThinking events, locations and maps in Kansas City check out http://www.KCFreeThinkers.org/calendar.htm


As a freethinker you can help and make a difference.

There are families that need help in KC. They know we are non believers and have no problem with it. Heart wrenching stories of premature babies, single mothers, grandmothers raising kids alone, fathers abandoning families, young couples that have medical problems, etc, etc, etc.

ANY HELP YOU CAN PROVIDE WITH! - $ donations, buy some gifts, a gift card you are not using, some baby clothes you have but have not opened the package for.

Contact KCFreeThinkers.org at [address removed] or call[masked] and help!

1) WHAT HAPPENED THIS PAST WEEK - North Kansas City Meetup, Miami/Linn County Meetup, Community of Reason, Cross Organizational Meetup at Planet Sub, KS Single Atheists & Agnostics, Atheist Bible Study - First Ever!

2) UPCOMING WEEK'S ACTIVITIES - check out NEW ADDITIONS - SIMULTANEOUS EVENT Johnson County & Westport bar night, Poker/Bridge Night, South KC Breakfast - please, RSVP.


* Yesterday Tuesday we had a phenomenal Meetup in North KC - 7 people showed up and we chatted for about 2.5 hours as most of our meetups are. Here is what Jason said about it - *****"Had a great time. It's nice meeting other non-believers here in the buckle of the bible belt."**** The new location at Barnes & Noble was great! We pulled some tables together hand had a great Meetup. Talked about our billboard in I-35 and Channel 41 TV report about us, elections, Republicans thoughts on shedding religious right. We discussed setting up a bowling night for the Northland, maybe a card night, also movie night. We also about "adopt a family for holidays" project - we'll have to chat a bit more about it, but looks like we thought to have at least one family fully taken care of and maybe 1-2 more as "runners" up with lesser support, we need to talk about it more. Also, New Year's Party is coming up for folks up North - Don't forget Dec 13th, Saturday Winter Solstice Party in South Overland Park at Iggy's house.

* Also, Miami/Linn County Meetup is slowly taking shape. After about a couple of months of waiting, there was someone who contacted Dave and he and Cole met up in Paola yesterday Tuesday with someone who lives there and works in Corporate Woods in Overland Park. It looks like this person would have interests in the meetups we have in the evening at 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday as she works late and then drives back to Paola (quite a hike from Overland Park!) According to Dave and Cole they had a great Meetup there. So, let's hope we'll get that going in the "sticks." Also, it looks like there will be another Meetup set up for Olathe area in the area of 151st Street and I-35 to reach people in Southern Johnson County, Spring Hill and Gardner who are always cruising around Olathe area. Also there are plans for Downtown, Midtown, Liberty, Lee's Summit and Grandview meetups as well - so stay tuned!

* Sunday was Community of Reason (CoR) with a great speaker reporter from KC Star who talked about challenges of the print media and how it's all shaping up. Q&A session was awesome! One gentleman drove to CoR from Wichita! - wow. He also attended Skeptical Religious Study at 10 a.m. and stayed for CoR at 1 p.m.

* After CoR at 3 p.m. 6-7 of us went to Planet Sub on 49th & Main (on the Plaza) and had lunch. Someone new from the Atheist Bible Study showed up there and then a CoR member who is an avid Chief's fan :o). The Wichita guy also was there and we talked for a while about whatever! He was intrigued by the concept of meetups we have all over town and we talked about the structure of all groups in the area. He did not know about any atheists groups in Wichita, so he came to KC to see what we were all about. I did a search on Meetup.com for a Wichita group later and it turned out that there is an active group there and they meet monthly. So, if someone from CoR has contact info for this guy, please pass it on to him. An interesting not, the guy from the Atheist Bible study who came to Planet Sub recommended that the lady who attended the Paola Meetup attend it down South. She said that he had enjoyed tremendously all our groups and wanted her to get involved as well. And guess where this guy came from - THE BILLBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


* On Thursday we had a great "KS SINGLE ATHEISTS AND AGNOSTICS" Meetup at Scooters Coffee House in Overland Park (NW corner of College & Antioch). ***********YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE SINGLE TO ATTEND THE MEETUP******* I am married and don't miss a beat! Well, what did we talk about? - Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin both got a book deal, will Republicans abandon religious crazies? Muslim restaurant owner conversion to atheism if we prove to him that when fresh river water and salty sea/ocean water meet there is no "new kind of water" created that forms some mythical "wall" and there is no special kind of fish that only lives in that wall of water, anesthesiology, Mormonism, new religion that worships god who has excreted continents and masturbated out all the water in the world (well, this is not a real religion, well, not yet), today's decision of a federal judge to release 5 GITMO detainees, also talked about the crazy 60's, etc. Better ask what we did not talk about.

* Our first ever "ATHEIST BIBLE STUDY" at Black Dog Coffee house attracted 8 people. I expected about 4 people, so this was a definite success. Folks came from "Heartland Humanists", "Community of Reason", "KS FreeThought Society", and other meetups. Here is what Doug of Community of Reason said about it - "We had a lively brainstorming session discussing how to study the Bible. The various translations, history, and archaeological aspects of Bible study were discussed and some related amusing videos." It looks like we agreed that there is a definite need to understand the Bible from the "issues" standpoint as it's being used by religious people in arguing about pretty much anything We have decided to break the Bible into "topics" - science, abortion, original sin, women, homosexuality, etc. (I believe on a quick count we came up with about 15 topics). Each meeting will last in the future 2-3 hours and we'll take up at least two topics. The discussions are specifically geared towards understanding how the Bible is being twisted and "washed out" to be able to better understand it and be able to offer Christians a run for their money with clear and concise arguments.


For all FreeThinking events, description of events, locations and maps in Kansas City check out http://www.KCFreeThinkers.org/calendar.htm - DON'T FORGET TO RSVP TO EVENTS AS WE NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE SHOW UP TO SET UP THE ROOM

7 p.m. - Bar Night - Westport & Johnson County (two locations, not driving to/from)

7 p.m. Bridge/Poker Night

11 a.m. - time may vary - FreeThinking dog walk in a doggie park
3 p.m. - Addicted to Something/SOS Program
7 p.m. - Movie Night - we can watch HILARIOUS "Meet Dave" - Ingeniously disguised as a human, an alien vessel and its crew of miniature extraterrestrials lands on Earth looking for a way to save their planet from destruction. Eddie Murphy heads the cast in dual roles as the ship's commander and the spacecraft -- which promptly becomes infatuated with a pretty earthling (Elizabeth Banks). Gabrielle Union and Scott Caan also star in this comic sci-fi tale from director Brian Robbins

Or comic fantasia "Dogma" - Who would have guessed that the latest battle in the eternal war between good and evil would take place in suburban New Jersey? In director Kevin Smith's 1999 comic fantasia Dogma, angels (Matt Damon and Ben Affleck), gnarly demons, a half-baked apostle (Chris Rock) and clueless prophets walk among America's cynics and innocents, duking it out for humankind's fate.

if anyone has any other suggestions for this movie night or others, please e-mail [address removed]

SUNDAY is packed...

7 a.m. Voice of Reason Radio show
10 a.m. Skeptical Religious Studies
11. a.m. Science & Sci-FI book club
1 p.m. Community of Reason

City wide Holiday/Winter Solstice BASH!!!! - potluck, so bring your favorite dish to share, you can bring booze and soda pop if you want. Will take place at Iggy's house in South Overland Park - 135 & Quivira area.

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