A New Year's Message from the Cat in the Hat - Muhammad Abdullah

From: Muhammad A.
Sent on: Thursday, December 31, 2009 10:34 AM
This New Year ? Enjoy the Movie

Throughout the world today, the coming of the New Year will be celebrated. In my life, I have been fortunate enough to celebrate the New Year in different parts of the world, among different cultures, at grand and historic events, with family and friends, even alone with my remote in front of the TV as Dick Clark counts down the final seconds from Times Square. I have even gone to bed early (by myself by the way), and the midnight hour found me asleep.

I have experienced every conceivable emotion during these times, from joy to bliss, from sadness; particularly in remembering those who are no longer here or in lamenting something or someone's love who I feel I have lost, to fear ? in not knowing, believing, or being certain how this coming year will be different, be better. Then there has been hope too; hoping that maybe this will be the year when I finally get it right; maybe this will be the year when my ship comes in. Yet through this complexity of emotions, like the flowers coming of spring, each New Year finds me once again reaching for the light.

Resolutions are as quickly made as they are later abandoned, leaving in their wake the scent of guilt: I failed again. Now I take each day as it comes, being present in every moment, thankful for the day, whatever it brings, thankful that I have been given another day. New Year?s Eve has become a moment to reflect and take stock of how my life?s journey is going, and to do so without judgment, but rather just observe one?s own life as one might watch a movie, and from that vantage point take the journey -learn what here is to learn, experience what there is to experience ? realizing if I don?t like the movie, I can change the script, change the story line, remake the main character (myself) and make a better movie. Or, a movie I like better.

Those of us in this dance community, we are a varied lot: mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, experts and neophytes; some for whom dancing is their profession others for whom it is their passion. We speak many languages, represent many cultures, but we all speak the universal language of dance. Dance is the language of the body, of the mind, of the spirit, of the heart, and of the soul. Some of us dwell in only one of these realms, the language of the body. But I hope this New Year you will consider going deeper, dance from your heart and soul. It will connect you in ways that will show up in your life and surprise you. Make the soul connection.

My mother and I have this soul connection. She was my first dance teacher and dance partner. Although today she can barely walk. Two days ago I could not sleep the night, I could not figure out why. The next day I learned that my mother was hospitalized with pneumonia. She lives in a distant land, and from her hospital bed with my brother and his family by her side, she told me she was alright; don?t worry about me. What else would a mother say? My soul tells me she is alright, and I look forward to seeing her soon. What is the point?

I hope you do not need the trigger of a serious event or challenge in your life to take time to really be with yourself; to take stock of what is really important to you, and to really explore that vast frontier which is you. I encourage you: Do it now. Sometime today, amidst all that you have planned to do, find some time for you and you alone. Look at the movie of your life, it will be time well spent. It may be the most meaningful moment of this day of celebration.

Thank you all for being who you are, and for sharing yourself with all of us. Have a wonderful New Year, and enjoy the movie.

Muhammad Abdullah
?the Cat in the Hat?
A Cat who wears many hats.

Everywhere you go, there you are?the common denominator is you.

?Soul is when the outside looks like the Inside feels:? from Reflections in the Key of Life by Muhammad Abdullah www.muhammadabdullah.com

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