Attendance, RSVP, and No Show Policies


I understand that we all live busy lives. Some of us have children, jobs, school, and many things to which we have dedicated our time. This is completely understandable. However, the purpose for joining a meetup group is to Actually meetup from time to time. So here are our requirements for attendance…

* We only have one meetup per month currently. That means we only get to see your wonderful face 12 of 365 days of the year. Therefore we ask our members to attend a meetup at least every 3 months. That’s 4 meetups out of 12, boy our standards are low. biggrinOr, if some reason you can’t attend a meetup, you must be active on the site within a 3 month time span. (Active on the site means participating in the forums, answering poles, etc.) This informs me that although you didn’t attend in the last 3 months, you are still interested in being apart of the meetup group. These requirements are the minimum, however we would like for you to attend more events and be very active on the site.
* As I stated previously on the about page, we are an active meetup group, therefore we require those who join to be active as well. We all have families and jobs just like the next person. So if we organizers can make time to neglect our families and hobbies to put together and attend the meetups, then by golly so can you. tongue Failure to attend a meetup at least once every 3 months or be active on the site once every 3 months calls for an automatic removal from the group. We want our group to reflect our active members only!!


Whenever a meetup is scheduled it is proper etiquette to rsvp in a timely matter. This gives us, the organizers’ an accurate account of who will be attending. However, what most people don’t realize is it is equally important to rsvp no or maybe as well. This also allows for accuracy of attendance and its just good manners. So we are begging, please, won’t you rsvp yes, no, or maybe so? wink(That’s for ALL events) Here are a few details…

* We understand that things come up at the last minute, sometimes it’s unavoidable. So if you have rsvp’d yes and can’t make it at the last minute please email or call me so that I can make the proper adjustments. This also applies if you decide to come at the last minute as well.
* If you rsvp yes and do not attend it will be considered a no show. (Please refer to the no show section of this page)
* If you have rsvp’d yes and decide to change it to a no, please do so within 48 hours of the event. Or if you selected no and decide that you will attend change it within 48 hours of the event.
* If you rsvp’d maybe and haven’t selected either a yes or no with 48 hours of the event it will be considered a no.

No Shows:

* If you acquire 3 no shows in a span of five months, you will automatically be removed from the group.
* If you are removed from the group for no shows or inactivity, you are welcome to request to rejoin after 3 months or when your schedule opens back up for participation.

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