FREE tickets to Saints of Havana show, and more!!

From: Sheila R.
Sent on: Friday, November 2, 2012 1:27 AM

Hey Live Music Lovers!

We have a lot of new members and I've been getting some emails asking some of the same questions, so I wanted to send out a quick email to everyone plus I wanted to let you know of an awesome facebook contest we have going on!!! One of the main questions was if you all can post shows to the page-the answer is-ABSOLUTELY!! That is exactly what this group is for, feel free to post your shows if you are in a band or a show you know about if you are not in a band. Another question was if you can bring non-members to meetups, and the answer to that is also ABSOLUTELY. The more, the merrier. Also anyone is welcome to join this group, we are not exclusive.

FACEBOOK -We have a pair of FREE tickets up for grabs to the Saints of Havana CMA week celebration party next fri, November 9th!!!! Check out our facebook page for more details

Also, if you are not also following us on Twitter, you need to be!! You never know when another contest might pop up, hint hint.

RSVPING FOR EVENTS-Please please please make sure you are updating your RSVPs! If you rsvp yes and can no longer attend, please update your rsvp or contact an organizer. Our organizers go to great lengths sometimes to host events and it's just common courtesy to let us know you can't make it anymore.

ASSISTANT ORGANIZERS-I am always looking to add more assistant organizers.. (it's really not as formal as the title I promise). Assistant organizers post shows they want to go to and they host by providing a way for everyone to meet. (meeting place inside the venue, contact number, etc) When you organize a show, you need to be able to get the group together so everyone can meet, so this should not be your own show. Reply to this email if this interests you (it will only go to me) and I can help you get started.

PROFILE PICS-While pics of your pets, cars, or random objects are cool, we want your profile pic to be of YOU! It helps us find you at events, especially if we are in a huge, crowded event space.

This is all, hope to see everyone soon!


Live Music Metropolis Nashville Chapter Organizer


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