From: Kalki
Sent on: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 4:11 PM

This evening at 7:30 (please note the time!), we will have a practice to recognize and connect to our inner strength, to understand the energy of life that flows through us, and to recognize when negative energy is effecting our state.

We will work in the area of the power of thoughts: law of attraction, positive thinking and what happens when others have negative thoughts about you. What is our responsibility for our thoughts? Do they make a difference?

We will discuss ways to overcome negative thinking and to protect ourselves from other people's negative energy, in general, and towards us.

We welcome new and past students to this class and family!



7:30 PM


There is no appropriate word selection that I can put together to describe my experiences during this past weekend’s hike. Our group and teacher Kalki picked the site location the morning of the hike and we selected the perfectly divine location to learn about natures’ beauty and its energy. The day was magical and all parts of the Universe (water, fire, air, earth) came out to play with us and offered us its many gifts.

I had no idea what to expect before the trip and never could have expected such a profound experience. Our first encounter during our journey was with water. The site had beautiful streams and I swam and played with the water and observed its still, calming beautiful designs, its power and its sensual energy. When I touched the soil and the rocks, I felt a strong surge of its energy and felt so connected to the earth. I never realized that the soil offered so much support and energy. Every step I took, I experienced a flood of energy. The subtle air swept past my skin and I became aware of its gentle touch and subtle and steady energy. When we offered the air thanks, It offered us a cool and stronger breeze. I connected most with the power of the beautiful sun. I closed my eyes and saw its beautiful red, yellow and white colors and became aware of Its fire, strength, protection and love. The forest was beautiful and I connected with it all in a way that I never have before.

In addition to the wonders of nature, our experience as a group was divinely perfect. As a group of goddesses and Kalki, we each had a different yet profound experience. Collectively we saw colors, connected with the fire water and earth, learned to connect with the dragon, deer, horse and other animals. We hiked in nature and did an exploration of ourselves as well. Kalki perfectly took care of us and channeled her love, protection and guidance.

I left with a tremendous amount of gratitude for nature. I received a large amount of energy and love and left behind my reverence and old secrets for the universe to keep and transform into something else that is more beautiful. Nature is beautiful and many of my experiences will remain as an indescribable wonder within my heart.


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