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This meetup group is all about climbing, having fun and meeting new people with a common interest.

From past experience I've found it's good to lay down a few ground rules to make sure everyone is talking the same language, see's the same picture, and has a handle on the rules. 95% of people are good eggs, but it is the bad 5% that can spoil the whole omlette!


* Treat other members like you would like to be treated yourself
* Be polite
* Bad behaviour, in person, or by email will not be tolerated - you will be warned and then removed from the group. Please report any bad behaviour from other members.
* Safety is crucial with rock climbing - you are literally putting your life in someone elses hands! Proper knot tying and belaying techinques must be adhered to.
* Please RSVP to events if you are coming or not - comments will help plan future events. Consistently inactive members will be removed.
* To be eligible to join, you must have completed a basic indoor climbing course.
* Don't be too earnest about the whole thing, have a laugh!

Anything anyone would like to add to this or if you would like to poke fun at me for having these rules, or if you can suggest better bad jokes, please get in touch!



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Harrow and Wembly Outdoor Group - a friendly walking, cycling and climbing club for north west London.

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