[A collection of thought-provoking links] Urban Farming and Contour Crafting

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Sent on: Saturday, December 29, 2012 12:04 AM
Charles Eisenstein: Living Without Economic Growth
Charles Eisenstein frames an adaptive approach to lower rates of economic growth across the planet. As economic growth stalled in 2012, will 2013 be the year we learn to live without economic growth?

The Urban Farming Guys
Truly inspiring knowledge-sharing project.

David Flanders: 3D Printing is this Century's most Disruptive Innovation

Behrokh Khoshnevis: Automated Construction with Contour Crafting
From 3D printing of objects to printing real houses, the step is shorter than you might think.

Culture in Decline Episode #3: "C.V.D."
This episode exposes a new disease epidemic rapidly spreading across the world: "Consumption-Vanity Disorder". A disease spread not through a mutating virus or genetic predisposition - but through cultural "Memes" - turning the world into a cesspool of mini-malls, fashion obsessions, fake tits and belligerent gadgetry.

2012: Time For Change
This film presents an optimistic alternative to apocalyptic doom and gloom.It  follows journalist Daniel Pinchbeck, author of the bestselling 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, on a quest for a new paradigm that integrates the archaic wisdom of tribal cultures with the scientific method. As conscious agents of evolution, we can redesign post-industrial society on ecological principles to make a world that works for all. Rather than breakdown and barbarism, 2012 heralds the birth of a regenerative planetary culture where collaboration replaces competition, where exploration of psyche and spirit becomes the new cutting edge, replacing the sterile materialism that has pushed our world to the brink.

Federico Pistono: Robots Will Steal Your Job, but That's OK
The rapid advancements in science and technology may be leading society towards irreversible, structural unemployment; where many jobs are replaced by machines, while very few new occupations are created. Technology is advancing exponentially, but our culture and our ethical values are not. In his book, Federico Pistono argues that, unless we shift our focus, our motivations, and our use of technology in a smart and ethical way, the future may look very bleak. If instead, we take this opportunity and use technology to truly improve the quality of our lives, the future could be much better than we can conceive today.

Positive Money: Banking 101
There's a lot of confusion about how banks work and where money comes from. Very few members of the public really understand it. Economics graduates have a slightly better idea, but many university economics courses still teach a model of banking that hasn't applied to the real world for decades.

Mary Mellor: Understanding Money
This course was filmed in February 2012 and was organised as a collaboration between Professor Mary Mellor, North East Transition Towns Activist Network, Sentient Cities and Newcastle University as part of the regions ongoing shift toward fostering more satisfying, resilient and ecologically sustainable communities. Mary Mellor is author of ‘The future of money’ and emeritus professor at Northumbria University. She has worked in this area for over 20 years and published widely.

How Governments Have Tried to Block Tor
Interesting presentation about how governments sabotage and circumvent the anonymity network Tor to prevent their citizens from accessing information on the Internet.

Annie Machon: War on Terror, War on Drugs, War on Civil Liberties
Annie Machon from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against drug Prohibition) on the 3 wars: war on terror, war on drugs and war on civil liberties.
The massive costs to society of the drug prohibition, and the global black money flows. Annie resigned from MI5 is now European organiser for LEAP

Get out of Debt
A website that has been set up to highlight the fraudulent nature of the Global Financial System and offer solutions to those who may be experiencing financial hardship as a result of it.

Please make your own research, share the information and increase our collective awareness.
We shape society and the world, either through our passivity or our active engagement. The choice is ours.


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