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Wow that's amazingly well explained.....I would love to be on a journey of discovery like Vegan and Raw food and love without all the belief system but respecting all anyway. I'd love to work in places like this....I'm sure some of us have worked in places like this....tell us please!
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Post #: 22 cool

To put it into perspective - have you been to Auroville? I'm interested in going back to that part of India but I am more interested in a community that promotes a vegan lifestyle along with yoga and meditation but without having to "ssubscribe" to some belief system. There are several communities on that side of Southern India. Osho has a community in Pune. Sadhguru has a place in Tamil Nadu and promotes "healthy" diet. I havent been to these places - but I have been to Kerala and the Sivananda Ashram - they follow a "vegetarian diet" and eat dairy products and you can stay there if you are willing to follow "ashram" life - which means getting up at 4am doing karma yoga, as well as yoga meditation etc. Their retreat is in an amazing lion and alligator park - you hvae to travel in caged vehicles. Alternatively to Auraville - South India is filled with Ayurvedic treatment centers - and you can find these in Sri Lanka as well - and they will - at request - provide you with a detailed prescription for fitness and diet based on your "doshas" or body type and will cater to vegans. I've been to a couple of them - ayurvedic medicine is all about herbs and their application. One place I stayed at grew over 2,000 herbs on-site and had trained experienced ayurvedic practiitioners. So to continue... have you or any vegans been to any of these types of retreats?

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I am not a Vegan and not trying too bee, I am not unknowledgable upon Vegan livity, ither Vegetarian, In Rastafarian culture thee Term is Itill, I Till I motherland suckle thee Goodness therof

Vegans does thee packaging hold scriptures,

“Out of I&I mouth of babes and sucklings thou has brought perfect praise?”selah F&M Selassie I (Ras Matthew Selassie I C21)

Someting of Humenity too mek us beleave this is for us, carefull what wee choose too label ourselves, like wee have ixcepted this is thee best it can bee

Must wee critisise vegetarians tinking you know best, On Egg i igree i doo not suck egg meat fish,

but milk, whom are wee too Judge, If you goo too thee farm this is bad, and inybody wid sense wood not bee there,

But of thee greater Miracle, which fed our infants whence for mothers and fathers could not feed themselves too supple breast milk and sisterhood and brotherhood was nought, their was a ting called Milk which still Ixsists tooday, soo bee carefull whence talking knowledge wid no valid soloution

Also for those lucky inough too liveth in ireas where vegan is practiced, wood you like too trade places and sea if you wood still bee choosing vegan as your livity

beecause as i state igain if their is no official stamp upon thee products, their is no real sense,

Sheasked does fruit have stamp, this is not thee point, fruit is fruit, and some are package, but yes wee are talking of package food that passes thee mouth,

I injoy gathered Leaves from H-earth and River waters each Day, suckling soil
Tree bark, Itill

And yes i loveth Vegan snacks if i can find iny, where i live and vegetarian, but i find it inconsiderate that so mene burn fire on vegetarian as though they think people injoy walking iround babylon checking packaging obviously if vegan ixsisted it is easeir too choose this......Fari

And what of Naturel Relations Sex, where is this in thee World , "Bee fruitfull repelish and multiplie."

This is where wee should bee......Fari
wendy k
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the reforestation project is part of Auroville!
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Thanks for pointing that out Wendy, I probably read that but forgot... knowing me!

If I didn't have two young children I'd be there already ;-)
Richard Ⓥ M.
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I'm not sure if he's gone yet, but Kam was intending to go to Sadhana Forest and seeking companions for the trip, you can read more on Volentia.
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Ini must look upon thee methods used in igriculture, thee old way is not working, destructive tools, digging i motherland,

she is a women , needs not forks or spades, but our sustenance, our waters, our fertile dung, this is how i motherland grows, wither love.......fari

Greetings igain mamalujah.....i send a scroll upon igriculture, please multiplie, i have more books ivailable....fari

A country and children that beecome self-sufficient by thee development of I-griculture Farming can look forward wither confidence of thee future. I-griculture Farming is not only thee chief I-mong those fundamental and I-ncient tasks which have been I-ssential too thee survival of all living, but also ranks first I-mong thee prerequisites too industrial and other developments.F&M SELASSIE I TAFARI
I-griculture Farming beeing thee basic national Activity of I-thiopia, Thee Imperial Majesty has always taken thee keenest interest in this field. thee has been constant in introducing measures too increase thee productivity of farm and as one of thee primary means of raising thee living standard of thee I-thiopian children. thee push for agro-industrial development and I-xpansion has beegun too transform thee I-conomic and social picture of I&I country.F&M SELASSIE I TAFARI
Thee most I-ffective way of utilizing I-ny outside I-ssistance is too I-reate and develop an atmosphere of self-help, where thee i-vailable self and natural resources could bee tapped in thee best interest of thee children. I-veryone, in all walks of life, regardless of I&I professional occupation should feel concerned and play an active role too solve such problems which I-ffect all living, Now, InI call upon thee generosity of InI children too helpeth develop I-griculture and improve its productivity...F&M Selassie I InI can cite as an I-xample here thee role of science and technology in I-griculture, for through better seeds and fertilizers harvests have been greatly improved and increased. As children are potty trained and relize thee wealth of thee I-thiopian soil is that which lies deep within. F&M Selassie I Tafari. From thee beginnings of recorded I-story, right up to thee Middle Ages,
and I-ven as late as thee beginnings of thee Industrial Age in which I&I
liveth, I-griculture Farming has always constituted thee fundamental source of
wealth for all living beings ...F&M SELASSIE I TAFARI Thee resources of I&I Empire constitute one of thee most important
I-lements of thee wealth of I&I land. When we are properly
conserved, too protect thee fertile soil of I-thiopia from I-rosion; thee render thee landscape green and beautiful. But when h-earth is neglected and gradually destroyed, thee wealth of I&I land is progressively reduced and thee country slowly beecomes bare and barren.F&M SELASSIE I TAFARI Toilet, -- Toil Nelect, Spring waters and rich soil has become waste within mene provinces ,for time imemorable Ithiopian children have lived as though within thee cave man dayz, missing their naturell born giving blessings, Each and Ivery child is a born Tiller of h-earth, and no child can iscape his born given Rasponsibility, if one chooses not too till, one will supposedly starve, planteth mene seed, Iternity InI will flourish h-earth and feed.....Fari..
www.amazonbooks title Ras Lij Tafari
PRINT UPON 100%RECYCLED PAPER, fsc seems too have options of ism
www.alocalprinters offer Issistance for those whom wish too play a role in community developments and postal ireas.....but beware of thee fsc option i always use thee 100% recycled and voice i opinion....Fari
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I-conomical Farming
”Thee basic needs of all living i-verywhere are thee same.” .(ises Father & Mother)
“Food for thee body and food for thee mind are both I-ssential.” .(ises Father & Mother)
Each and i-very child is a born farmer, born in a material society, children miss their natural blessings as a third party called “toilet” stand between a child and their I-rator Mother & Father Earth.Children lack water within their selfs due to this same third party “toilet” and thee stigma of mind, in which controls thee outlook of I&I food and drink intake, this is i-ther called waste or nourishment and sustenance.As it is easy for children of an adult number to forget thee breast they sucked and thee womb in which nourished them due to spiritual camercasi.And also easy for women not to overstand thee breast and rod of a man, and thee importance within thee spiritual water between one i-nother.Also thee oneness and love within One Father & Mother brings fourth brothers and sisters in one family one flesh and one blood, As I-ven though words can I-xpress, Family and Unionship within churches and Familys . Surnames, Marriages, and ownerships over children,bring fourth segregation.So to bee within true Oneness is to be I-qual within thee Holy Laws, and one I-nother, this is a difficult level to i-chieve,as minds hold different frequencies, and most times are behind closed doors within different families, HowIver raised in a village, such as Harer ,outside Adadis ababa Ethiopia (I-thiopia) as a lion or lioness in thee wilderness in tranquillity, Lifestles of true oneness are as pure as water,i presume,A True Devote will bee able to i-dapt to lifes situation and I-just in both lifestlyes,and prepare for thee future,as sexual intercourse is not discouraged as often as a newborn cries for milk. .(ises Father & Mother)
“Thee greater need today is I-mong thee children, wither those who work thee soil, who provide thee nourishment and sustenance upon which ITHIOPIA feeds.” .(ises Father & Mother)
“It is better to till thee land rather than to bicker on trivial matters” .(ises Father & Mother)
There is always something moving, brewing. There are I-mbitious children I-verywhere. Bad people. Thee only thing to do is to deal wither them wither courage and decision. One must beware of uncertainty, weakness or conflicting I-motions - they lead to defeat. Selassie I

It is I&I opinion that thee world has not changed at all. I&I bee-leave that such changes have modified nothing. I&I don't I-ven notice I-ny difference between monarchies and republics: to I&I, they I-ppear two substantially similar methods of governing a nation. Selassie I
Democracy, Republic:
What do these words signify?
What have they changed in thee world?
Have children beecome better, more loyal, kinder?
Are thee children happier?
All goes on as before, as always.Illusions, Illusions. Selassie I
Richard Ⓥ M.
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Post #: 180
I heard back from Kam, he's postponed his trip to Sadhana Forest, but hopes to go later in the year.
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