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More than High Fantasy..

Richard D.
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Louisville, KY
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I've always felt that role-playing should be more than just high fantasy. Sword and sorcery is great, but there is so much more to explore. I run DnD 3.5(and 5e when it is released) but I also run World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, and am looking to try my hand at Shadowrun or Cyberpunk soon. Is there anyone else interested in branch out beyond D&D and its iterations?
Louisville, KY
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While I'm on a self-imposed RPG hiatus/wargaming (whatever the opposite of 'hiatus' is), I'm still keeping a few things percolating on the back burners of my adled mind:
- Something Supers: Still looking for a rules set that clicks with me. Looked at various - M&M (meh...3.5 Supers Edition), ICONS, and many others. Waiting to get Supers Revised Edition and Amp in hand, see if they click.
- Warhammer: Either FRP2 (yes, I know the thread's title...bear with me) or one of the 40K iterations (Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader seem to have the greater RP vs Kill-of-the-Week potential). Plays into two things: 1) played some FRP way back and loved the gritty feel, plus a non-Vancian magic system with consequences built in for playing with such dark forces (have an ongoing sporadic conversion of Paizo's 'Savage Tide' from 3.5 to WFRP2 - right system for the story) and 2) 40K is becomming my 'return to wargaming' game of choice.
- Something Wicked: Picked up 'Houses of the Blooded' years ago based on the concept, but have yet to sit down and read it. However, John Wick is one of my two GMing gurus (Graham Walmsley's the second. Grab 'Play Dirty' and 'Play Unsafe' sometime.), and with his 'Wield' fast approaching from the horizon, I'm in the mood to play something of his.

Okay, that's top of my head. Time to start mowing - maybe more will come to me as I enter Mower Space.

(Ooo...and Metamorphosis Alpha/Gamma World - first edition for each.)
Frankfort, KY
Post #: 226
Here are some non-high fantasy games that I'd be willing to run (assuming someone local can host, as I'm in Frankfort and don't even own a nice gaming table yet):
- Apocalypse World: Post-apocalypse gaming with a trendy but good engine.
- Burning Empires: Space opera with a strong long-term focus and metagame element.
- Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green: Horror roleplaying where you will either die or go insane.
- Cold City/Hot War: Distrust and horror in either cold war Berlin or post-apocalypse London.
- Cthulhutech: Cthulhu meets giant anime robots. Cooler than it sounds.
- Diaspora: FATE-powered science fiction with an emphasis on social stuff.
- Godlike: Superheroes in WWII, but without the spandex or four-color mentality.
- Numenera: Fantasy/scifi mix played on Earth one billion years in the future.
- PARANOIA: Hands down, the funniest rpg ever. The Computer says so.
- The Laundry: Cthulhu meets Dilbert and 007.
- Triune: Scifi meets religion with a system that encourages hypocrisy and competition.

I can also run little games more designed for one-shots like Dogs in the Vinyard, The Shab Al-Hiri Roach, Fiasco, and Misspent Youth.

Can you tell I'm jonesing for a game? :)
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Louisville, KY
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I like the idea of many of the games mentioned in the above three posts, I'm not familiar with most of the systems though. I am available every other Sunday, and depending on the game, might be able to host.
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