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What do you feed your pit?

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For those college students who care about their dog's diet but are wary of the dent that it is putting in their wallet, I must recommend Costco's Kirland Signature Lamb & Rice. But if your dog gets gas from lamb like mine, I recommend Chicken & Rice. No fillers, and less than $20 a bag. Wet food also available but no puppy food that I know of. I worked at a plush boarding kennel in Washington and this is what the owner decided to feed the dogs after extensive research in which she did not even consider the price as a selling point. Also I give my dog baby carrots daily.
That is what I have always fed my dogs. I tried Royal Canin but it makes my dogs soo gassy. I love Kirkland and know lots of vets that feed it to their own dogs. I feed it to all my rescued pits and in a matter of weeks (not months) their fur grows healthier and they put on good weight. I also feed my ABs that; one of which is a show dog who's coat glistens in the light.
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My two pit girls were eating an expensive store brand. One always suffered from allergies and the other I simply assumed was getting older (she was a rescue). I started them on an all natural (really all natural - human grade, etc.) and they both became puppies again in about 7 days. Her allergies went away, their coats have improved, etc. I was so overwhelmed by it, that I became a distributor BUT you do not have to go through me (although I would like that since there's no price increase from getting it from me or the mfg). The food is called Flint River Ranch, the web site is or if you'd like to order from me (it gets delivered to your door -no charge) go to . Once I get more established I will carry it in store so owners can have the option of picking it up if they need it sooner, etc.
If you have questions, call me at 845.1402 or email me at
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Not that I know you but I feed my dogs Diamond Cut pet foods, they are extremely high in protein, they also have a good balance of Omega3,6 and pure lamb is the main ingredient I would also suggest if you show you dogs to try RF-1 Super Nutrients literally will take your dogs coat and muscle comp to the top
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I feed my dogs, Phoenix & Penny get Diamond Dog Brand Dogfood. The adult kind in the green bag. ANd Orion gets Diamond puppy food in the purpley bag. Is a great dogfood. And The big dogs get a can of Canidae split between them as a treat for their weekly bath. :)
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feeding a dog is not that complicated there are a scavenger breed that can live off just about anything they can put in there mouth and stay for the most part very healthy .. i have had many dogs and seen none with skin problems . i see a few people talking about a raw diet but raw meat is not the way to go IMO i have seen first hand what dogS in the wild and even pets eat after making a kill i like to hunt with my dogs and you learn a lot from spending a lot of time in the woods dogs very seldom eat meat from a kill in almost all cases they eat the stomach and other organs then the brain and when thats done they strip the carcase of fur and skin trying to get all the fat that is possible off the kill they would rather eat the fur than the lean meat because it offers a much more needed energy fix.. this is just my thoughts i am not saying that anyone is wrong but one things sticks out to me alot i don't think anyone or any company has done more research into dogs health and diet than PMI ,,,WILLYPETE
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We also feed Diamond foods, I usually use the preformance food and all of my dogs have made a change in disposition, coat and muscletone. It is not pricey and being a rescue that is a real consideration. I made inquiries and looked on line and the balance in the foods are conperable to some of the pricier brands in the pet stores......
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Costco Nature's Domain Grain-Free Salmon and Sweet Potato $29 for 35lb bag & I also provide RAW.

My Pit, Yorkies and Great Pyrenees all are doing great on it.
Peggy S.
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