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God’s a Pedophile and Jesus committed Incest with his Momma!

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God’s a Pedophile and Jesus committed Incest with his Momma!

How, ye who are scratching your heads, asses, or chins may be asking?

Well, here is another one of those quirky inconsistencies that X-tian (Christian) believers painted themselves into a corner with (using gasoline substituting for paint) and then managed to set the floor on fire, lit with the ‘match’ of their own “burning bed” (foundation) of inconsistencies.

Holy Mother, Virgin Mary Mother of God!

It is an accepted general consensus among the major X-tian faiths, sects, and denominations, which believes Mary was a very young girl at the time of the Immaculate Conception, in which she was miraculously impregnated by God/Holy Ghost. Some traditions have her to be as young as 13 or 14 years old at the time.

Now most of those professing belief in this Theological/Church teaching will argue that back then (in Mary, Mother of Jesus’ time) it was customary for a woman/young lady/teen/girl to get married at such a tender age. I say okay, maybe, but if the writers of the story would have known the story would have lasted as long as it has to the point where it reached a sophisticated generation 2000 plus years later with laws such as statutory rape and child molestation as a general rule in this modern western society, I think they would have continued using dried up old men and barren old women in the ‘story line’ to be the vessels by which the next ‘New Coming’ would arrive.
Man I can get into the Catholic Priests “thing” with little boys right here, but, I’ll save that for another article.

Those who are familiar with the virgin birth story are well aware of Elizabeth, who was supposedly the ‘very’ elder cousin of Mary, ‘Mother of God’, in which ‘Jesus’, Mary’s son is also the ‘Son of God’.
Elizabeth, as the story goes, was well past her years in child birth, but Elizabeth and her “old man” supposedly conceived John the Baptist, cousin of Jesus, the Christ.

So, in my “guestimation” it would have been a better ‘bet’ for the writers of the story to use a barren old woman to give birth to someone who would be the ‘Savior’ of their clan’s oppression, to help bring the ‘clan/nation’ up from the depths of depravity.

But wait! Someone with some good common and analytical sense must have felt a need to back track and make Mary, ‘Mother of God’ a young pure virgin, because if not, She would be deemed a “blotch” of humanity as well (according to the ways it’s written in God’s/Christian doctrine)!

We must reflect for a moment on the whole Adam and Eve thing, which reduced humans to a state of sin and falling short of glory of God in the eyes of God…But wait, wasn’t Mary born of humans too??? Although Mary was written up to be a virgin, as the story line claims, she is still human. Did not ALL humans “fall short”, according to the Biblical account of “god’s words”, but for some reason, Mary was exempt to become the mother of ‘god’…
Okay Ye X-tian types, keep swabbin’ that gas on the floor and backing yourselves into the corner and get the flame ready to set the floor afire.

It is also a very prominent position among the major X-tian faiths/sects/denominations to believe that: Jesus is ‘God in the Flesh’. Thee Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost are “ONE”…
Jesus and the Father are ‘One’…Not to mention the believers who believes in ‘Oneness’ says there is only “One”! Meaning “One God”, “One Faith”; in the Name of Jesus!

Well it seems to me if Jesus and God are ‘One’ that makes Jesus his own daddy, which makes him his own son who fucked his own momma.
Alright, light the flames now…

You see, God takes a young gal, as a pedophile, fucks his own mother, and then blames it on a ‘Ghost’. Now really, do we need to ask why there are so many dysfunctional families in a “Christian molded Society? But to the ‘Believer’ this has no indications of mythology.

But I say the only thing left for the X-tians to do is put the flame to the gas and then run through the flames.
I know a hard headed X-tian won’t see it this way, but


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