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This is such a big topic as we grow closer to the winter solstice, Dec 21, 2012. I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this. To have an open discussion. Please honor everyone's opinion here. This is a place to learn and grow. Thanks!

This is my viewpoint....it is the End of the World as We Know It! (I always think of the REM song!) I feel whatever is going to happen it will make our lives ultimately better, to enrich us. The veil between heaven and earth has been thinning over the years and it will continue in this realm. Life as we know it will be forever changed as our senses get heightened, vibrations much higher, and we will be intune to the Universe around us at a much higher level....much more than we can imagine. I feel there will be some really amazing things happening to us and to the earth as long as we are open to the new vibrations and let it flow, to not live in fear, to live in LOVE and only LOVE. The more love we express, share and live, the higher our vibrations are, and the more ascension will take place within us, lifting the veil even further.
I believe that the Divine Feminine Energy that was so much a part of Mother Earth thousands of years ago has been slowly coming back to balance out the earth. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine will once again be in balance....the yin/yang. Our planet has been under so much stress, between natural disasters, politics, banking, general upheaval etc that the Divine Feminine/Goddess energy is re-emerging to bring balance and peace back to our planet...
This is from something that I read online and it says it perfectly....Fear-driven patriarchal systems are currently going through shock and starting to crumble as the Divine Mother energy is arising on Earth. We are shifting to a matriarchal system where there is consideration for every person and each person has an equal voice. Rather than controlling others, we are beginning to honor a sense of community in which we rely on gifts of intuition and share in order to meet one another’s needs.s.
I am not living in fear for the end of the world, quite the opposite. I am looking forward to the changes, living in the flow with these vibrations, doing what I can to take care of my body so I can handle these new vibrations that are coming in. I am very excited about the upcoming months and years ahead to see how our lives will be changed and expanded! I look forward to reading your thoughts on this.
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