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Winter Sowing results 2013 so far.

Gorham, ME
Post #: 596
Kales, lettces, borage, and Hablitzia seem to be my best sprouters so far. Also Thyme and one of the 2 Oreganos we winter sowed. Of all these, Hablitzia has been my most successful WS this year. BOTH containers have germinated quite nicely!

Most flowers have had minimal germination except Lupine. Lupine has done reasonably well.
Tyler O.
Greenbush, ME
Post #: 2
Heather and I did a late sowing of beets, carrots, onions, lettuce mixes, spinach, cover crops (clover, vetch, oats, rye, wheat), and peas on Nov 1 in our raised beds covered with with 3' wide 3' tall quick hoops with ag-19 row cover and greenhouse film. We have done this for three years, the first year we sowed in late september, the second year in Oct, the third in early Nov. The first year most of the seeds germinated and overwintered as young seedlings. We were able to harvest pounds of greens in March that year and early harvests of the remaining crops or we tilled in the cover crops and still were able to re plant those beds by the end of April and get a jump on the season. The second year a little more than half germinated (greens and cover crops) and overwintered and then most of the rest germinated in February, we were still able to get a considerable jump on the season with fresh greens in Early April. Then this past winter most of the seeds planted Nov. 1 did not begin to germinate until March, we still got some early greens, mostly spinach. Our beds were inaccessible in March because of the remaining ice and snow pinning the plastic to the ground and I believe that we would have had better germination rates had I been able to open and fully assess the need for water. In the years past we have not needed to water that early, but I believe the peat moss that was given to me that we used mixed with our compost and spread over paper board that I get from my work dried out too quickly and definitely had an impact on early germination. I believe the peat dried out too fast and the paperboard inhibited capillary action from the moist soil below. We have used this pallet paperboard as sheet mulch for years and have had no negative effects until the combination with this lousy peat. I do think a yucca or coco wetting agent would have helped the peat wet and retain moisture more easily, but I think I will use my previous ratio of 75%compost/ 25% peat instead of a 50/50 mix this past winter. I work at a garden center where I often get peat for free, otherwise I would use it much less. Besides the cover crops, peas, greens and garlic which are off to a wonderful jumpstart, the carrots, beets, onions are just starting to show and grow now. So we decided to overseed some of the beds and were able to squeeze in some radish and other seeds as well. The brassica seedlings in our greenhouse will be tucked into the beds that currently have covers on them in a couple weeks. First those covers will be cut and composted to the chicken compost pile and the beds tilled by some of my lovely hens in their chicken tractor. Happy gardening everyone and I wish everyone a very productive season!
Gorham, ME
Post #: 597
I hope to have a greenhouse next year, or at least a basic hoophouse...even a small hoop structure to extend the growing season. For now, though, I have the winter sowing, which definitely helps get a nice jump on things. Your results sound interesting...seems that late September or early October is the sweet spot for you....?
Jesse S.
user 29709632
Harrison, ME
Post #: 77
I've winter sown in upcycled milk jugs and greens containers the last couple years. The resulting plants do seem thriftier, tougher. Mostly herb and wildflowers, some trees. What's germed for me so far is a couple different indigos(false blue, yellow), sweet cicely, various alliums, quince, joe pye weed, astralagus, honey and black locust. The black locust didn't sprout last year, and so this time I did a boiling water scarification before I winter sowed- worked like a charm!
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