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Looking for partners/investors in a windmill dealership

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I've got an offer to have a 'hot' wind turbine dealership, would like some investment partners....appears to be fairly inexpensive; will sub contract out the installations and electrical work. These are vertical axis wind turbines; so you can mount them on apartment houses, and other buildings; or along the coast/islands. They are relatively inexpensive and rugged.....really a sweet deal...obviously some risks, but if the company folds we're left with some very useful inventory.

call me at 729 6090 for details.
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Thanks for interest.

I have a partnership with an electrical engineer and a 'GREEN' builder; and we expect our demo. units in a few months. We're already lining up shows to demonstrate them and expect to install them in several locations in the midcoast to generate power.

Eventually, each unit will be on a trailer with a controller so it could be connected off the grid to a load at a potential customer's site.

Prices will start at under $2,000 for a unit which meets a households average needs. If you have an electric bill of $100/month it could be paid off--assuming full power production 24/7; in 20 months.

I'm mindful that, at best, even the large windmills will only produce about 25%-30% of their rated power capacity; but these Vertical Axis Wind Turbines offer significant advantages over those with propellers, footprint, startup speed, simplicity, impact on the environment, etc.
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Hollis Center, ME
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What is the wind-speed needed to run your windmills?

Sadly, I am in a low-wind area....otherwise I would be jumping on this opp.-starting with putting up a demo here.

My mother, however is in Bremen where the winds are better. Keep us posted on your units and we can consider one for my mother's house, perhaps.

Sadly...I have little can't invest right now.

VERY interested, tho',
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Hollis Center, ME
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I also wanted to call your attention to this interesting new wind device. Check it out:

David S.
Washington, ME
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That windbelt is a very cool device. It appears that anyone could make one. Rather than commenting on scale or it's workability for your house or car, I think it would be possible to recharge AA batteries which would make it very cool regardless of possible scale problems.

Just like any other device it would wear out. The belt would fatigue and stretch and the magnets would degauss but the components are cheap enough that it may not matter. I'm sure the belt could be made adjustable.

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COOL...lets build one! An oscilating windmachine...neat! I signed up, the video will be on my website soon. I've asked for plans. Micro wind power from an oscillating magnet on a 'fluttering' mylar ribbon...It's the kind of stuff I wish I would think of.

Dealership is PACWIND. I've evaluated the alternatives and I think this is the perfect wind machine for coastal/off shore locations. I've got an Island 'green' builder as a partner for installations.

The startup speeds are fairly low...3/4 mph; power curve evens out around 17 mph.
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Well we have "bought the farm" up here in Head Tide and I am moved in. A difficult move especially because of my two dogs. Even though I am now rural we are right on a busy highway and I have been afraid for the dogs. I take them into the woods each day for an hour and what a joy that has been. I am one of those that believe that one of the reasons for ADD is not enough knee bobos...and perhaps one of the reasons for dog hip problems is not enough running and leaping?...

We plan to establish gardens using permaculture principles, have bees, and use solar here. It seems to me that we are right on the verge of new thin film solar so will hold off on that for now. I am interested in the wind generator and have been aware of how much we seem to get here...and it's not much!--though this is not a good time of the year, perhaps? We do have that 3 story barn and perhaps a wind mill could be mounted on top of that? I know from kite flying that the wind picks up when you get above the trees/buildings.

Tree, I posted that site you mentioned here:­

We will see what they have to say about it.

Hugs to all--even though I have met only Winnie I look forward to meeting more of you kindred spirits now that I can get more serious about gardening and raising our dear four-legged brothers and sisters.
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