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Special Computing

2992 N Miller Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (map)

Selected by: Bill M.

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MAKE v35 is on newsstands and is chock full of fun, flashy projects! From Tesla coils to DIY sugar rockets, there’s something for every maker who loves flames, flash and big bangs! (You can even build your own Raygun!) Broadcasting from two venues, the MAKE editors take you inside the pages of this explosive issue! Meet Jon Sarriugarte and his family (featured on the cover) at their studio in Oakland, CA where they build the amazing Serpent Twins, 50 foot kinetic mobile sculptures that breathe fire.

Pay a virtual visit with us to the new Sebastopol, CA makerspace, Chimera Arts, where we’ll actually host the Meetup hangout, and meet the team who is creating this amazing new space for makers. Dan Spangler, MAKE Lab fabricator, will take us through the build of the sugar rocket and we’ll visit the author of the Tesla Coils story with MAKE editor Sean Ragan in Austin, TX.

Final newsflash! Enter our drawing to win one of five Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Packs ($149 value) to be given away during the Meetup!

Enter drawing at http://makezine.com/meetup/pdf/

See you on the Google+ Hangout On Air, August 1st at 6pm PDT for a Bang-up Time!

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Scottsdale MAKE Community

Scottsdale, AZ Founded November 13, 2012
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