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Calling all robots and the people who love them: MAKE is hosting its first International Robot Meetup Thursday, April 25, on Google+. Join us on a special Google+ hangout on air at 6pm PDT with David Lang and Eric Stackpole, co-founders of the OpenROV underwater robot project; Judy Aime’ Castro, creator of the CoffeeBot; MAKE engineer Eric Weinhoffer reporting on this past weekend’s RoboGames; RobotGarden’s Andra Keay; and other exciting guests. MAKE will be offering the top three highest attending robot meetups a stipend of $200 for food and beverage. All participants will have the opportunity to download a FREE PDF copy MAKE Magazine Volume 34. Participants who download the FREE PDF will have their names entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of three MAKE Rovera 2WD Arduino Kits.

Join the live hangout at 6PM PDT!

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    Here is the link to access your free PDF issue of MAKE Volume 34! Once you request your free PDF, your name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to receive one of MAKE's very own Rovera Arduino Kits. Please note that this link is for Meetup attendees and will only be available for a limited time. http://makezine.com/meetup/...­

    See you on G+ hangout Thursday April 25th, at 6pm PDT!

    Posted by MAKE April 24, 2013

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Singapore, Singapore Founded November 13, 2012
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