We are a thriving, sharing, and networked community, of people, full of creative thinkers, infopreneurs, tech start-up founders, Angels, funders, co-founders, entrepreneurs, travelers, sailors, mindful Meditators, environmental activists, and Social Justice doers. We are a bunch of Startup founders, Angels, Social Networkers, party animals and entrepreneurs in Finance, Mobile, Space, Travel, Biotech, Nano, Med & Health. In short a jumbled mass of entrepreneurial Innovators, Inventors, investors, and truly local and global, people both in word and deed.

We enjoy Life and Love our small slice of the planet while in transit from one place to the next. We all share the network fruits offering to all of our friends the quotidient of loving kindness and community. We all work and play, we huddle, we hug, and we share the core beliefs that being of Service to the rest of the world around us, is ultimately what truly matters.

So if you feel that You can be one of us and contribute to the betterment of the Community by sharing your Goodness and your Life -- You are hereby declared free to Join us. Come and get the fruits of the network.

But do this knowingly that if you truly feel that you want to improve your Life enjoyment by sharing this community with the others in a good spirit of Loving Kindness and in order to bring Joy to your Life, then you come along as a HUMAN BEING first and foremost. All else comes as a distant second.

Come along because the aim of "Meet in Athens" is to help bring together great people from different walks of life to share the joys and playful moments we all share and to cooperate in doing good things by helping others in the process.

So if this sounds like Your goal and sharing is your game -- then go ahead and join us because we are all people who believe in similar humanistic and humanitarian beliefs, and we offer a sense of joy, dynamism, and optimism. We offer some "Joie de Vivre" in these difficult times to all. Join us whoever you are: Cosmopolitan Greeks, Fellow Expatriates, Internationals, Local Greeks who speak English, Diplomats, Foreign Workers, all speakers of English and other languages, and even foreigners visiting for a limited time, or those living and working in Athens.

Whoever you are, join us because we aim to bring people together for networking, co-creating startups, discussing Tech and Sciences, Sharing education, fostering business and personal growth, doing charity & philanthropy, working in our personal development goals, finding traveling companions, going for sailing, walking, mountain climbing, car racing, pick up basketball games, joyful parties, Theatre, Cinema, 69 vernissages, Cultural meetings, Art openings, Environmental activism and Philanthropy.

Join us but you've got to contribute to become a full member of the community. We want you to contribute because we are constantly crowdsourcing our calendar of event with the events that all of You schedule and post here. Small things, like going to the movies, or going out for coffee. Or checking if anyone else wants to go for that walk up the Mount Hemetos or around the Mount of Aegina.  Share your events because this way we all improve our network of sharing  and by extension we improve our lives in Athens because after all most of us do not live here permanently -- but most of the time...

So we are Grateful for the house parties, the events, and all the cool happenings that you post and schedule, because we are all helping each other to physically organize our social lives away from FB and the virtual social networks to a real face to face human beings network. Don't forget that we are here on this planet, to find meaning, serve each other, and then move on. And the best way to find meaning is by helping all others. That's all we do...

And sometimes we also go all out for Social Justice and help the others less fortunate through charitable giving, philanthropy and charity work -- as well as working together for a good cause we commonly select. This counts the most in these difficult times.... we course through.

We have a "crowd sourced" method to create our calendar of Meet Up events. All of our events are either spotted by You and listed on the Schedule an Event header on top of the page, or directly created by You who want to have a few friends to share the Good Times with. After all the more the merrier. Also events found by you and brought to all of us -- are Great Karma, don't forget.

Because of that, please feel free to contribute any events on the schedule here.

It is your own group so enter the events in our calendar by scheduling a new Meet Up of any event you consider interesting. Do this small exercise: Find all the things that make you smile, laugh or go AHA and "SCHEDULE" them at the Meet In Athens page. Schedule things such as a simple coffee meet up to talk about ????? whatever, to Art openings, cultural events, music concerts, film screenings, dance performances, tango and latin dancing events, parties, celebrations, festivals, theatre shows or any other interesting event that grabs your fancy.

Consider what events others would like to attend and participate...

Post it here by scheduling a new Meet Up event, because chances are, others will like it too. And as it turns out all others here are like You... So if you like it, others will join and like it too.

Countryside trips, weekend excursions and archaeological sigh seeing area great draw. Especially if organized over a weekend.  This Meet Up is also a good platform for drawing a crowd for your party functions and openings, especially if you are an events organizer and a club promoter offering a good time.

Still to keep the "crowd source" tradition and the people's sourced theme alive, we encourage YOU to post anything you deem as representative of Good Will and Good Times by scheduling a new Meet Up event from the front page of this Meet Up group.

So go at it... and schedule any event you know of.

Naturally, you don't have to be the organizer of the event, or even to attend the event yourself in order to schedule it as a new Meet Up. Just find it someplace in a calendar of events and schedule it here and thus add value to the group by sharing it. Add the event by scheduling a new event in the Meet Up calendar of the Meet In Athens Friends, for the benefit of others and for the community at large. This makes you a valuable member and people will invite you to their functions too.

Museum openings and Art gallery openings are a must attend and you can post them here as you find them in the calendar of these institutions. So if you know of the events and if you plan to attend, please list them here... Other art openings "vernissage" events are also welcome and well attended. Remember, that what you list here, represents you, even if you do not support or attend the event. Kinda like the Law of Karma and Attraction. This is the secret. What you put out - is what you receive. So Please make it relevant, and make a decent effort to include all relevant details for the event that you know of and add relevant websites of the event too.

Now after you schedule the new Meet Up event, you might want to monitor the RSVPs in order to organize a pre-Meet Up meeting of the members who RSVP, so then go ahead and list it in the comments section and organize to meet with others a few minutes before in order to meet & greet & attend the event together.

For those of you who organize House parties, you can limit both the viewing of the event and the people you invite. You can even limit the number of RSVP so to limit it to the specific group of people you like and want to meet. Whether it's girls, or guys or mixed company, you can tailor make the group usage to your needs. Because most international people who arrive without a social circle and want to network in Athens, prefer to organize home gatherings, house parties, pot luck international cooking parties, and friendly cocktail parties. The savvy ones are the ones who organize excursion events and have a great time...

Going to the movies, to theatre, to music concerts and all such cultural events together, make this a perfect way to invite others so you can enjoy the local MeetUp network of GREAT PEOPLE. It's a clever way to contact new people & invite them to participate in an event, thus enriching everyones life and making you the valuable provider of the group. Ergo you are the Great Person of the day or night...

To do this is easy: Post your event at the main page [Create Event], email members to announce it, and then just add comments for additional directions... and then wait and see what happens. See how many people RSVP for the event, and then you know, how many will show up... Once the optimal number is reached, You can close the event to others. Still you can limit the number of people to the optimal group number you prefer, from the beginning, but please remember the old adage: "The more the merrier"

So keep it open and flexible...

That way and in true crowdsourcing fashion, the "Meet in Athens" group of wise friends and GREAT PEOPLE, is listing all good parties, get-togethers, events and causes, offered and assembled by the members, for the members and from the members.

We choose to do this so that the friends of the group can easily follow their heart, meet up, make new friendships, share their experiences, network, hook up, play, make business links, and create. Yet the main aim is to befriend and help each other in order to be happy and content in the present life. Ahhh and of course to have fun...
Sometimes it's great to take time out, get together and share an outsider's perspective on all things transpiring at this time in History in Athens, this great ancient city traversing it's third Millennium in Greece. And also it makes you valuable because you can help others and be of service -- same as the best of all insiders in Athens. Kind of like seeing the forest and the trees while maintaining a bit of distance and grace. And you can still be the leader of the group by providing guidance and insight.

Since the group started in 1999, our members have met for a whole range of activities including simple coffee meet ups, cocktail parties, after work drinks, open dinners in gourmet value restos, going clubbing, country outings, natural adventures, day travels, weekend island excursions, book clubs readings, days of swim at the beach, and trips to the country home out of the city.

Under the management of the latest organizer, special Meetups about volunteering and meaningful social activities, especially for the younger and for the young at heart, members of the group, have started to be scheduled as well.

Now we are also very keen to organize theater tours and to see great performances of ancient and modern plays in Athens as well as in other theaters around the country. The Athens and Epidaurus Festival are good for this, but plenty of theatre scenes exist in Athens itself.
Because Athens is home to 159 official theatrical stages -- at latest count -- more than any other city in the world. Most are small intimate theatrical groups carrying the Dionysian tradition from the time that Thetre was created here in Athens. And if you fancy classical theatre like Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, you'll find it everywhere from the classical National Theatre to other ancient open air amphitheatres mainly during the summer, including the famous ancient stage bellow Acropolis of Herodion, home to the Athens Festival, which runs from May to October each year.

In addition to the large number of air conditioned film screens in multiplexes, Athens plays host to a variety of romantic, open air garden cinemas. The summer open air cinema called "Therino Cinema" is the joy of sumer in Athens because you can have gourmet simple food for dinner and drinks while watching a great movie. The open air cinema near Metro Stop Thission, aptly called "Cine Thission" is the best choice for an open air film venue near Acropolis with a view of the Hill. Going there will make you feel like a seasoned local and you can watch Katherine Hepburn schmoozing with Bogart, while you are drinking your favourite beer and eating Greek souvlaki... No other city on earth offers this. You are now in the know.

Athens city, also supports a vast number of music venues, including the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Moussikis), which attracts world-famous artists all year round and the Athens Opera House. The Onassio stage "Stegi Grammaton & Technon" is home to great many performances as well as the famous rooftop garden restaurant "Hytra." Further down on Syngrou Avenue is the Evgenidio Planetarium and theatre and further up from Onassio is the "Theatre of Neos Kosmos" notable for the best modern Avant Garde & Experimental theatre in Athens, the near the coolest hip Athenian music club for the best local music and young great artists named "Stavros tou Notou."

English language plays also exist here: They are found in the Athens College in Psychico and in the stage of the Derree college and the British School all around the North of Athens in Psychico, Maroussi, Kifissia and Agia Paraskevi. Those as well as some other local institutions are offering plays of "The Bard" and others in English. The Epidaurus ancient theatre occasionally hosts English plays, amidst a smattering of ancient classical Greek plays. English language plays in Athens and Epidaurus attract international audiences, like the recent one with Kevin Spacey's rendition of Richard III, under the director Sam Mendes who returned to Epidaurus, as they had promised, with the strong Shakespearean drama. It was the largest showing of the Athens Friends of this Meet Up group for a theatre play ever. Almost sixty members went to that performance alone and many stayed in the nearby beach villages, or camped out, and most others stayed in surrounding towns and Nafplio for the weekend. Same goes for the main English performances at the Herodion theater in Acropolis, and for the many ancient theaters around Greece and Athens.

There are also many music shows and music venues and even open air festivals in Greece and some of them are located very near Athens in the old abandoned industrial spaces, in some stone and marble quaries, in the theaters, and even in Malakasa and other further away groovy venues, like the famed island music festivals in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese and the most remote yet beautiful and famed Samothraki rave and rock wave festival during the Summer months.

Most major international bands and soloists hold Music openings and Jazz concerts, but only for one show and only in Athens during the summer. And all the visiting music artists, foreign shows and music groups are easy to find from word of mouth of friends, in our Calendar of events that our member friends and our musically inclined Majordomo organizers post, and also from the music websites and happening websites of Athens and all the various listings of Athinorama, Athens Town, Time Out, and their advertisement and PR efforts. But the best music festivals happen in the warm summer months in open air music scenes and live music venues that are operating in Athens, in Rumeli, in the Cyclades, in the Ionian islands, in the Peloponnese, in Crete and generally all over the Aegean.

Yet for the whole year round calendar with great acts and promising artists, we need to choose. Since we are discerning, we self select and crowd source the events we like, and thus invite you to help us develop a system of tracking those acts you follow. And then post and update often in the calendar of "Meet in Athens" and share with the others as a crowdsourcing method of sharing music and performances same as we are sharing and inviting others for a cool house party.

Music and plays are great fun too and is always good to share with others and have a pleasant friendly group for dinner or drinks afterwards. So please select a play or music venue and invite others to join you when planning to go there.

This international group is a true melting pot of honorary Greeks, People from abroad and new "Greeks" as well as expats serving here and working or living in Athens for some time or indefinitely... And this is a great friendship area, but it is not a dating group. So go forth and tread gently when emailing others observing international codes of email and polite behaviour.

The countries represented by our six hundred plus friends, are about fifty seven countries, of internationals so far. And they include people from Brazil, Egypt, the UK, Spain, India, USA, Croatia, Ukraine, France, Germany, Thailand, Italy, Argentina, Romania, Belgium, Russia, Lebanon, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Holland, Sweden, Turkey, Tibet, Bhuttan, Bolivia, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Greece, Japan, China... and many many more.

"Meet in Athens" is a truly Cosmopolitan & International group and rather unique in that it has been self-organized so members can join up other people's gatherings, home parties, and also schedule all of their celebrations and participatory events here.

And most importantly, they can also create their own personal pages here for social purposes, create event pages, suggest their own ideas for events, activities, causes and discussions -- so the others can join up and make them happen. 
Because of that we want you to put up your events, your gathering and the places you want to visit, as well as your causes right here. Post them in the group's suggested future MEETUPS.

And if you are interested in the Greek Islands, usually a member has a home in an island in the Aegean and they would be happy to share with you.

So what are you waiting for? Post and schedule an event. Any event that you feel it can be better social. You know you can never have enough friends... or too many acquaintences.

Life is Social -- Live it.

Go ahead and schedule that Meet Up House party so you can have a full on party. Go ahead and invite the community to meet all the new people you want to spice up your Life. make it a BYOB or "Bring Your Own Bottle" type of party or a potluck so all the guests contribute to a communal joyful celebration. Just post it here and see how many Great Folks show up.

Go ahead and schedule that sailing trip and announce it here. You have extra space for your yoga retreat  in an Aegean island?  Go ahead and invite the community to fill it up. Or schedule the new Meet Up for a weekend of island hoping. Or share that holiday in Symi with others. It's a Life and its best when shared. Open Up and be brave SHARE -- INVITE -- ENJOY. Many members have houses and go regularly to Gia, Aegina, Spetses, Sifnos, Paros, Santorini, and Myconos and often want to see who else wants to join... So post your request to join up island home owners for a forthnight holiday. It's a great custom because it benefits all those who share.

Go ahead and schedule the new Meet Up, and maybe someone has a house to host the group on an island, or you can find an excellent deal in a holiday villa, and make it all very interesting for the group. So just go out and schedule the summer island holiday and when the RSVPs come in, you hire a house or a "Holiday Villa" for all the Meet In Athens Friends you want, and together you enjoy the journey.

Now you have your group with all your friends to enjoy -- or for some your instant "Posse" to go around and impress your friends, the chicks, the locals and the tourists alike ;--)

Just make it fun and keep it civilized with a bit of culture mixed in...

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