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The Big Swap! w/ Gidsy, Airbnb & Frents.

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Gidsy HQ

Adalbertstraße 5 10999 Berlin, Germany (map)

Selected by: Gidsy

Attention, everyone! This is our official call for Spring Cleaning! Gidsy, frents and Airbnb want to help you get rid of some clutter, so we have organized the first BIG SWAP. We’ll be exchanging all the things like there’s no tomorrow. Raid your closets, basements and apartments and collect your old clothes, books, accessories or anything else you’d like to exchange. Don’t forget travel books and other travel equipment: suitcases, snorkels or the perfect head torch. Swap your former favorite floral dress for a nice pair of trekking shoes. Bring old records to our record store, swap flower seeds to kickstart your garden, and go home with new travel ideas and new decorations for your home. You want to share, but also like to see your lovely items again? frents will be present and show how you can organize your collaborative life with the things around you from friends and neighbours. Join us on Saturday, March 9th from 2-6pm at the Gidsy HQ and go home with a wheelbarrow full of new things! Please bring at least one item to share or swap as your ticket to the event. As a thank you, we’ll provide plenty of delicious goodies and drinks. The more the merrier! Feel free to invite your friends, family and colleagues – but please be sure to RSVP here: http://ow.ly/i7HND

We’re very excited to meet you for the Big Swap!

Selected by: Gidsy

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Berlin Gidsy Community

Berlin, Germany Founded December 14, 2012
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