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Early Sex discrimination, of Wisdom, The Tower of Babel - Criticism of genesis Stories

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1. Genesis early Sex Discrimination

A. God first created man, then the woman from his flesh, not the other way.
First born is more “valuable” by Bible writers, and by many of today’s cultures.
B. Eve was created so Adam will not be alone, as a help for him. Ch.2 18, She came to the world not for her own sake but for Adam’s.
No mention that she was created also in order to bear children
C. The Serpent picks up Eve, not Adam Ch. 3, 1 to be enticed for violating God’s command in committing the “first sin”. She is to be guilty for disobeying god’s command and its following consequences.
D. To make the story more believable, it says that “the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes” Ch.3, 6
All over the world, it has been mostly the role of women to select and prepare food for their families. It also implies that women are deceived by appearances
E. Adam blames “the woman whom thy gavest to me” for his disobedience.Ch3, 12
She is guilty twice: Violating god’s command herself, and causing her man
to violate. Adam says to God: Don’t blame me, you gave her to me, excusing himself for his trouble due to her. This story has a widespread symbolism and belief world wide for a woman’s image as enticer, seducer and a trouble maker.

2. Genesis of Wisdom
A. God created the serpent Ch. 1, 24
B. The Serpent was the more Cunning (Subtle) than any beast Ch. 3, 1
C. The Serpent tells Eve that “God knows that in the day ye eat thereof,
then your eyes shall be opened, and Ye shall be as Gods, knowing good
and evil”. Ch.3, 5

How did the Serpent know what would happen to humans
when they eat from the forbidden fruit?

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3. The Tower of Babel
A. Humans decide to build a City and a Tower made of Brick and mortar.
“Whose top may reach unto heaven”. Ch. 11, 4
B. God thinks that “nothing will be restrained from them which they have
Imagined to do” Ch. 11, 6
C. God confounds their language and spread them all over earth. Ch/ 11, 7
God does not like competition from humans; he feels threatened from what humans could achieve; Ch. 11,6
The tower of Babel 6,000 years ago was made of mud brick and mortar
Ch.11. 3 therefore it could not have been taller than the largest Egyptian pyramid in Giza which is 481.4 feet tall with a base average of 755.75 ft, and 2.3 million blocks of stone averaging 2.5 tons each.) They did not have steel beams like we have today.

In our day the tallest building is located in Dubai. UAE, it is 2,717 Ft tall
With 163 floors and is 5.6 times taller than the largest pyramid.

1. Most believers think that the “Scriptures” are holy, and should be used as a guide for living;
Therefore, all forms of discrimination are correct & justified since they are in the book.

2. Lucifer or Satan (or the Serpent) was created by God to give humans wisdom and become mortal in violation of God’s command. Why would God create Satan to spoil his own creation?

3. Today’s skyscrapers, aviation, communication and scientific discoveries contradict Biblical
accounts explaining how things came to be. How come God who did not allow humans
to build a tower, allows them to land a Rover on Mars?

4. It is in the interest of the “Holy industry” to save their class status, privileges, and huge
Bureaucracies to keep donations coming in.
It is in the interest of many male believers to keep women marginalize, weak, and subservient because this is the will of God and his holy book
Women do not need a document written by men intended for their continued subjugation.

Did you know?
To this day male Jews thank the Lord in a prayer for not making them a woman.
Women thank the Lord for making them “As he pleased. “
These prayers are not a part of the Bible, but sanctioned by Rabbis.

Prepared by Joseph Mohr
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