Collage to Reflect an Emotion

Think about what gives you joy. What activities make you happy? What makes you feel peaceful? Do you prefer being outdoors, in nature? Perhaps you will create a collage using lots of greens, browns and blues (grass, trees, sky). Do you like being around water? Or do you prefer spending time with family and friends? Reading a book? Being active? What colors do you like? Use these colors to create your joyful collage.

Or, you might be going through a difficult time in your life. Having these emotions is normal, but finding ways to express them can be challenging. Although it might seem easier to bury these emotions, it’s important to express them, hopefully in a productive way. Try to get out your negative emotions using collage. Making a piece of art to express these feelings can make you feel better! Give it a try. Make a drawing, collage, assemblage or a mask.

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