Group Philosophy -- "It's all about the Images."

That pretty much sums it up. "It's all about the Images."

The Pittsburgh Model and Photographer Group is about PHOTOGRAPHY -- all aspects of people photography, but without the heavy "portrait" leaning of other groups, and with a much more artistic flair.

It's not about photographing nude models, it's not about seeing naked girls, it's not about trying to get dates or generate a "social life" --- it's about TAKING PICTURES that hopefully have more artistic merit than not, and for developing skills, making BUSINESS contacts, and networking in a tough town like Pittsburgh.

It's also not at all, in any way, about "FREE". It's all about TRADE. You trade your time/services/skills for someone else's time/services/skills. TRADE is a FAIR (and legal) contract. Unlike many groups, and many events, our events really are TRADE, and we enforce it at all levels.

While most of us do other sorts of photography, this group is about our PEOPLE photography.

Some shoot children, some shoot weddings, some shoot portraits, others just do "art" or fashion, and some just concentrate on nudes and abstracts. But, the essential, unifying theme for this group is PEOPLE.

And, we treat people with respect. If you look, many (most?) of our models are repeat appearances and have worked with us for months, or even years. They ENJOY it and even ASK when new events will be posted. They are EQUAL members here.

We allow models of all ages to the open/non-nude events, with proper guardian permissions. Public - Outdoor, in the park, type events require a signed parental slip. Indoor events require a guardian present. We do not make any exceptions for that. Forms are available in advance from us, depending on the event. We expect people to behave professionally, regardless of age.

Our group shoots are non-nude, non-commercial, portfolio-use-only by design. Everyone is treated fairly, and it's not about "free" models, "free" photos, or taking advantage of a "free" situation. No rights are granted until the model has a fair amount of images. We make it easy to dump your memory cards after a shoot if you don't want to deal with sending CD's or even editng images. The implication is that the models have the right to use, edit, and display images they are given, within the non-commercial, portfolio use only criteria. Some photographers want to send images "later" after a shoot. That is fine, as long as the images are sent, the images are usable, non- watermarked, and good for a MODEL'S PORTFOLIO.

The models are happy and willing to work with you on your images, and trade for images they can use. They do not have to be the same images. If you want a certain look/image for your portfolio the models will often be happy to work with you as long as you take some time to give them images for THEIR portfolio. This is the essence of TF* -- TRADE -- and what this sort of group is about. We enforce this to maintain group membership, and to grant you usage rights through our "venue" which is the meetup group. I hate to keep saying it, but it's not at all about copyright -- but usage rights. And, we clearly state that usage rights ONLY kick in when BOTH/ALL parties have been fairly compensated and satisfied within the terms of the Venue (eg: the group).

As noted, the models are willing to work for images THEY CAN USE. Why would they work for "free" or for images they cannot use? Remember, this is a TRADE. If you want to keep all your images, you PAY FOR THAT RIGHT, by paying for the model's time. You are trading MONEY for their time, instead of pictures.

Because we do enforce this, and keep it all about the images (no "hitting" on models, no disrespect, no "using" a photographer or model unfairly, etc) we are not the biggest group, nor the most popular (although I think by sheer numbers we are). But, the people who do stay involved, have a lot of fun, get invited to special events, set up their own events, and make good contacts.

Models always have photographers available to update their looks in their portfolios, and photographers have a ready supply of models they have worked with before and who are willing to work with them.

We also make sure events are as advertised. If a shoot is Non-Nude, there is NO PRESSURE at all for it to become a nude shoot. has that happened in the past? Yes. Some models felt pressured or uneasy. This is why *ALL* our group events are NON-NUDE. No pressure. Has a non-nude event become a nude event? Yes. When everyone was in agreement. Do we ever shoot anything remotely "porn" -ish? No. And if anyone tries, we point to the exit signs. This goes for both models and photographers. What is porn? Pretty much like the good Justice said, "I know it when I see it."

In closing, I want to repeat that it's ALL about the images! If you want to make images, create some stunning visions, or explore and refine new skills related to photography, this is the place for you.

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