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Subject Death and What it Means for You

Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 151
Has any of the following happened to you?

  • You’ve fallen victim to a Succubus kiss and after suffering her “torments” you’ve found your head severed from your body?
  • An enemy cavalier has skewered your level 1 7 CON Monk for 15 damage?
  • A Rhemoraz has swallowed you whole and digested your corpse for 6d6 points of damage per round for the next 8 hours for a little over 100,000 points of damage?
  • Any of another options from the list of lethal options that may befall your character?

What do you do!? Is this the end!? Will you need to play First Steps for the 8th time?

Fortunately for you answers abound. But in order to go through those answers we need to go through what’s actually happened to your poor twisted corpse.

An important set of notes before we begin:

  • You can pay for the below services out of your own pocket and your party may pool coin to help bring you back to life
  • You (and only you) may sell your gear at 50% to help pay for the services should you decide to pay gold for your services
  • You (and only you) can pay for this out of your prestige awards (seriously folks, save up your first 16 PA (minus two for your wand of CLW) for your raise dead)
  • The operative word in the above points is "coin". Party members absolutely CANNOT provide PA to help raise you
  • For each service purchased you must pay in EITHER gold or PA, not a combination
  • If you’ve bought multiple services (e.g. a raise dead and a restoration), you may pay for one with gold and the other with prestige awards
  • You cannot "pay back" allies who helped you (except perhaps by raising them in the future)
  • If you have a party member that can cast Raise Dead, Restoration, Regeneration, or somehow is capable of the other spells on the list, they absolutely can cast it on you, but you'll have to pay for the material component and the resolution of the body raising will have to be completed prior to session end so the GM can record it appropriately

Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 152
Question 1 - Where is your body?

Answer 1 - My body is with my friends. They're AWESOME.

Well congrats! That means your friends can carry your lifeless corpse back home and have a nice conversation with the local Cleric of <insert your deity here>. Assuming you haven't upset <insert your favorite deity here> and you really want to come back from The Elysium Fields or Nirvana and rather than spending an eternity in paradise, spend the remainder of your poor pitiful life in some dank dungeon, then you're in luck*.

*NOTE: Worshippers of Azmodeous and the like won't get to spend a lifetime in paradise. I'd suggest finding some way to not be dead.

Cost - FREE! (Except for any groveling you may have to do to your colleagues)

Answer 2 - Um friends kind of left me behind because they all ran in fear, stupid ex-friends. Or maybe they're all dead, I don't know.

Well that's not good. This unfortunately means you need a Pathfinder team to go recover your body for you. Your friends will have to deal with their own corpse recovery though (should they need it). Fortunately for you, this isn't difficult or expensive. Drandle Dreng would be happy to sacrifice the lives of countless Pathfinders just to get you back. Remember, that's probably how you died in the first place so it's kind of like Karma!

Gold Cost - Not available
PA Cost - 5 PA for each body recovered
Group-Cast Cost - Not available

Answer 3 - So, I was digested completely by a large flesh eating pudding. My body kind of doesn't exist anymore.

Well I have good news for you and bad news for you. The good news? Well you don't have to pay to have that body recovered (unless there's some little tiny part of it left, you remembered to bank all your toenail clippings, right?). The bad news? Yeah, we'll come to that later. By the end I'll bet you wish you could have somebody go recover something.

Cost - FREE! (but not in a good way)
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 153
Question 2 - So how dead are you?

Answer 1 - Well mostly dead, the body's still left, that's something right?

You bet it is! This means you're eligible for a raise dead! Maybe. Keep in mind, "while the spell closes mortal wounds and repairs lethal damage of most kinds, the body of the creature to be raised must be whole. Otherwise, missing parts are still missing when the creature is brought back to life." So that means that half-eaten corpse? Still kinda dead, or at least writing in agony when you're resurrected unless your friends were nice enough to find the missing limbs and they want to spring for a regeneration as well (more to come). Also, nine (9) days, that's how long your friends have to get back to civilization. If you happen to be in the middle of the desert, two weeks from a reasonable sized town then they (or if the body recovery team) can’t help you and you're looking at answer 2.

Gold Cost - 5,450gp
PA Cost - 16 PA
Group-Cast Cost - 5,000 gp for the diamond.
(Yup that's a lot, but unfortunately there's more cost where that came from)

Answer 2 - So left leg is kind of missing, that Gug over there ate it and/or my body's nine and a half days old now, that still counts, right?

That's especially not good, because you remember that clause about needing to have a whole body? Kinda doesn't apply to you anymore. That means you're looking at Resurrection (and without the Easter holiday and Good Friday off from adventuring). In this case though, "the condition of the remains is not a factor. So long as some small portion of the creature's body still exists, it can be resurrected, but the portion receiving the spell must have been part of the creature's body at the time of death. (The remains of a creature hit by a disintegrate spell count as a small portion of its body.)". On the plus side, your body can rot for 130 years before you're raised. That has be worth something.

Gold Cost - 10,910 gp
PA Cost - 32 PA
Group-Cast Cost - 10,000 gp for the diamond (if somehow you have a level 13 cleric in the group)

Answer 3 - Oh crap, I was disintegrated, and then the pile of my disintegrated ashes was disintegrated, and then somebody sneezed.

Well where answer two was especially not good, this is pretty much about as bad as it gets. It's time for a true resurrection. This is getting into the big boy leagues, and your body doesn't even have to be available. As long as the party knows who you are and when you were born or died. They did get to know you, right? Well here's to hoping you're not some tight lipped sociopath.

Gold Cost - 26,530 gp
PA Cost - 77 PA
Group-Cast Cost - 25,000 gp for the diamond (you've got a level 17 cleric, right?)

Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 154
Question 3 - Well congrats on no longer being deceased, let's talk about residual problems, okay?

Answer 3a - I was raised from the dead via Raise Dead, I feel as if I'm 2-levels weaker from the 2 negative levels gained from a Raise Dead.

That's pretty typical, and not too expensive, but often overlooked. You can choose to ignore said negative levels, but then you're going to suck for until you get them taken care of. So let's have two Restoration spells cast ASAP, sound good?

Gold Cost - 1,380 gp for EACH negative level
PA Cost - 2 PA for EACH negative level
Group-Cast Cost - 1,000 gp for the diamond required for EACH negative level.

Answer 3b - I was raised from the dead via Resurrection, I feel as if I'm 1-levels weaker from the 1 negative levels gained from a Resurrection.

Well at least it’s not as bad as that poor schmuck that just paid for a raise dead. Still, negative one level means -1 on pretty much everything so you should probably get that checked out by a professional. You’re in luck though, you only have to pay for one negative level.

Gold Cost - 1,380 gp
PA Cost - 2 PA
Group-Cast Cost - 1,000 gp for the diamond required

Answer 3c - I was raised from the dead via True Resurrection, do I have to deal with this negative level crap?

Nope, True Resurrection brings you back fresh and clean, like a newborn baby. Okay, an ugly adult-sized newborn baby.

Cost - FREE! Yay!

Answer 3d - My dumbass colleagues thought it would be funny if they detached my left arm before I was raised, so I have to get that reattached.

Assuming you can handle the pain, as long as they brought the complete, unadulterated arm back with them, you can glue it on with a little bit of spit, duct tape, and a ball-point pen (just like McGuyver!). Unfortunately you’re also going to need a Regeneration.

Gold Cost - 910 gp
PA Cost - 3 PA
Group-Cast Cost - FREE!

Answer 4d - Hey, you lied to me, I’m level 1, I don’t gain negative levels when I’m raised.

Yeah you’re right. If by some happenstance you’re level 1 and somebody pony’s up the cash to raise you, first off count your lucky stars and find some way to pay your friend. You’ll take two points of CON drain (regardless of the spell cast upon you) and you won’t be suffering the negative levels. Fortunately for you, Restoration for this purpose is cheap.

Gold Cost - 380 gp
PA Cost – 2 PP
Group-Cast Cost – FREE!

Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 155
So that’s it. I hope we’re all on a little better footing on these rules. Of course, I may have something wrong, so let me know if I do. We’ll chat about it, and when you prove me the fool, I’ll update the text.
Jon L.
user 13290382
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 43
What can I say. EXTREMELY well done!! You should add this to the Paizo Forums as well I am sure they would LOVE it there and maybe even add it to the guide book hehe. :)

I am going to be printing this out and giving it out to my GM's and carrying it with me during each event.
Thank you so much for doing this!! :)
user 9990339
Saint Paul, MN
Post #: 1
This was very beneficial to those of us new to Pathfinder Society play. Thank you!
Douglas V
user 5279120
Stillwater, MN
Post #: 130
Thanks Ryan! Helps folks know what to plan for. (Since I found out I had barely what I needed for PA when my 5th level got nailed by a monster at CotN.)

Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 143
stuff jack said

No Jack. Because half information is what we are trying to avoid here. The Osirion thing you mentioned doesn't work like that.
Minneapolis, MN
Post #: 156
did you want to add in some notes about the faction differences?

FANTASTIC suggestion. I can add that in tonight.

I can also talk about a certain boon (without naming said boon) where your resurrection costs half as much.
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