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OK, so how do we run a meetup group with such diverse interests? I don't know. If you have the magic answer, please contact me.

We'll schedule meetups for different kinds of music and featuring different kinds of activities involving music. Of course, you're free to attend whatever interests you. I'd like to challenge you to use the great diversity in this group (musical genres, ability levels, types of instruments played, etc.) to broaden your musical horizons. Ever wanted to try a new instrument? Chances are, we have a member who plays it that would love to teach you.

There's also a social component to this group as well. Everyone in here loves music. What styles do you like? Who are your favorite undiscovered bands? Who's good on the local scene? What instruments do you play? What are the best clubs to play? That's at least a good 5 minutes of conversation without even having to get too personal! Come out for some of our social events and meet some new folks. You'll be glad that you did.

If there are events that you would like to see on our calendar, bands you'd like to go check out, singing festivals you'd like to attend with some companions, SEND IN YOUR INPUT! I'm happy to put it on the calendar and we'll see if there's interest with the other members.

Also, I would love to have some more Assistant Organizers, especially ones who would like to handle events of a certain type or genre. What does it cost to become an Assistant Organizer? Nothing but your time. As the Organizer, I'm on the hook for the monthly group fees--and I'm not complaining about this--just pointing out that you can step up and donate some of your time to get events to your liking on the calendar at no financial cost to you whatsoever.

Do you know any musicians in S.A. who are not in this meetup group? There are a bunch. Invite them to join! This is not a "numbers game," but I don't see a reason why singers/songwriters/musicians wouldn't jump at the chance to hang out with some like-minded folks (unless they're just plain ornery and bad-tempered, in which case, don't invite them.).

It is my intention that this group be a "big tent" with room for all of S.A.'s singers/songwriters/musicians. We have an awful lot of musical creativity in S.A. that's scattered around the city, and I like to see and experience this creativity colliding and combining in unusual and surprising ways. I truly enjoy meeting folks who share my love for music, so please help us expand the group and get folks out to the meetups. I am looking forward to meeting each and every member in this group and listening to you play or sing.


S.A. Scott

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