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.NET to RoR transition

Prasad N
user 8626757
Atlanta, GA
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I have 12 years of experience mostly in Microsoft technologies (C++/COM/C#/ASP.NET), Web development, and 6 Years of XP. But RoR natural agile environment drawing me towards it. I am half way through the book Agile Web Development with Rails, and PickAxe 1.9. After the books, What did you guys do to gain experience, and eventually find a job. I am thinking that most of RoR guys transitioned from other platforms.
Any suggestions for me?

Thanks for your time.
Prasad Narravula
Josh C.
Group Organizer
Nashville, TN
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I didn't transition from a different language, but

1. Build a personal project. Another member Brian Dailey built, a personal bookshelf app that posts to facebook as a great practical transition to Rails experience.

2. Awesome resources:, googling your current error and something from comes up, searching for your current problem on github and cloning an example project that has already implemented it

3. Paying jobs: tell all your friends you are a web developer, open a site/blog for your rails business, come to meetup (and other) groups

4. Read great books. I'm getting a lot out of Ruby Design Patterns and Refactoring: Ruby edition (both are actually heirs of famous software books, re-writting for Ruby)


Good news: there is a surplus of job in Nashville that aren't getting filled quickly in Rails or Ruby
Prasad N
user 8626757
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 2
Thx for the suggestions. I always end up skipping the meet up. I made my mind to come to the meet up today.
Thax again.
Christopher C.
user 9590115
Franklin, TN
Post #: 2
I highly recommend what Josh recommended, in pick a small project that you would want to have anyway and then write the application in Ruby on Rails.

Another option is to do what I did when I first learned Rails. I knew that I could write an application in RoR after reading through the Agile book, but I just didn't have enough experience. I knew it would take me a little longer the first time. When I heard that someone I knew needed a web application for their work, and it was a small feature set, I put together a bid for the project. I WAY underbid what I would normally charge, and I think it eventually ended earning me about $11/hour. But, the reasons I did it was I was getting paid to write a Rails application and then I had a reference to show people for either full time job or another consulting job with a higher pay.

Just be prepared to work hard to make sure you deliver a great project.
Prasad N
user 8626757
Atlanta, GA
Post #: 3

Definitely that is highway of gaining experience. What all it needs an opportunity.
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