Kelly S.
Group Organizer
Nashville, TN
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Q: Do I really need to RSVP? Can't I just send you an email?

A: Yes, you really need to RSVP. If you send the trip leader an email RSVP, he or she will direct you back to the Meetup site. It works, honest!

Q: Why does a hike say "closed to new Yes RSVPs"? How long do I have to be in the group before I'm not considered "new"?

A: That "closed to new RSVPs" is misleading. It only means the event has been closed by the organizer for any new "yes" and "maybe" RSVPs, usually when the event is full and we're in a wait list situation, or it's an event that's planned and we're not opening it to any RSVPs yet. It has nothing to do with whether you're new to the group or not. Everyone sees that status and I don't have control over that language.

Q: What's the difference between "gray" and "beige" events on the calendar?

A: "Grey" events are events organized and led by the NHM. "Beige" events are notes we think NHM members might be interested in but are not official meetups.

Q: Can't I just show up to an event without RSVPing?

A: Please don't. If you do, the trip leader will probably just send you home. We plan the capacity for our hikes based on many factors, and it's very important for us to know who and how many to expect. See Why are some event RSVPs limited for more details.

Q: I'm on the Waitlist. Can't I just show up?
A: No. See Can't I just show up to an event without RSVPing? and Why are some event RSVPs limited for more details.

Q: Why are some event RSVPs limited?

A: Usually, but not always, the hikes local to Nashville will allow more RSVPs because we all drive ourselves so we feel like the more the merrier. Regional hikes, such as those where we meet and carpool for one to two hours will almost definitely have a limit simply because it's more difficult to organize and keep a ton of people straight. Sometimes the hikes may be limited simply because of the impact on the trails or our agreement with partners we team with.

Q: If I can't make a hike, do I need to tell anyone?

A: Please change your RSVP to a NO on the site if you realize you're not going to make an event. If you're a no-show, you're keeping someone else from enjoying a hike, which leads to the next question...

Q: What are those dots next to hiker names?

A: If you are a no-show for an event that has limited slots (and particularly if there were people on the wait list that could have taken your spot), the hike leader will add a period or dot to the end of your name on the site. This is our semi-public way of indicating how often you're a no-show. Get too many dots and you'll be kicked out of the group at the organizer's discretion. In the least you'll be a lower priority in wait list situations.

Q: Why do you send so many emails, Kelly?

A: We're averaging five events per week, and everyone wants to know when new hikes are posted. Our announcement emails for new events and reminders about events are sent manually by me or the trip leaders, not automatically by the system (which would be worse!). I'm careful not to send too many in one period, and I try to gang up multiple announcements in one email. There are some days, I admit, that it seems like we send a bunch of emails, but honestly we try to limit these as much as possible. Unfortunately the Meetup system doesn't allow members to select the types of emails we receive and how often.

One thing you might try with your email program is to filter messages automatically from the Hiking Meetup into a folder so you can read them on your own time.

Q: I don't have a computer or Internet at home. What should I do?

A: All of our communication is based on email and the Meetup site. We rely solely on email for inexpensive and quick communication. If you can't check your email or get to our Web site at home on the weekend, then this group is probably not for you.
Krissy F.
user 7984506
Madison, TN
Post #: 3
Perhaps the word additional could be abbreviated to "add'l" and used in place of "new" if confusion persists? Just a thought....
Dave D
Nashville, TN
Post #: 157
Krissy, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, we don't have control over the text, so we're stuck with "new".
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