August RPG Meetup

Are you ready and willing to GM a game at the August event? Then use the new GM form to register your game intentions. If you have any other questions or concerns about this month's Meetup, then the chief organizer for August is Jonas.

13:00 - 13:30 - Arrival time & games registration 

13:30 - 13:40 - The Speech 

13:40 - 18:30 - Role Playing Games, see selection below

Pathfinder society: #5-21 The Merchant's Wake

"A powerful Qadiran trade prince has died, and faction leader Aaqir al’Hakam rushes to his homeland to attend his mentor’s funeral. As an act of support, the Pathfinder Society sends the PCs as representatives to the event; however the death of such an influential merchant and politician has created a considerable power vacuum, and ambitious acquaintances from across the Inner Sea are in attendance to pay their respects, claim a piece of the trade prince’s legacy, and undercut their rivals’ attempts to do the same. Can the Pathfinders keep this somber event from spiraling into a bloodbath?

Content in “The Merchant’s Wake” also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Qadira faction."
Recommended you bring: pencil, Pathfinder Society character or a pregenerated character

The only way to ensure a spot in this game is to answer the question in the RSVP stating that. For any other questions about game particulars, contact the GM: seraphimpunk 

Desired Group: 4-6 players. Suitable for first time players

Players so far, in order of RSVP:  Azzo, Noyin, Trask + 1 (so 2 people!)

Monster Hearts: Skydawn High

"Most teenagers get to grow up without encountering anything scarier than gang violence, drug overdoses and chlamydia. They think that’s the worst that the world has to offer them, and they have the luxury of laughing.You don’t have the luxury of laughing. You know the world has hideous, horrible things hiding in the shadows. You know because you’re one of them. There’s wickedness that dwells within your chest, darkness that courses through your veins.Most teenagers will never know that things like you exist, the secret monsterhearts.

We'll create some teenaged monsters and we'll see what happens in Skydawn High."

Recommended you bring: 2d6, pencil and paper

The only way to ensure a spot in this game is to answer the question in the RSVP stating that. For any other questions about game particulars, contact the GM: Jeroen 

Desired Group: 4 players. Suitable for first time players. 18+ only.

Players so far, in order of RSVP: Eduard Lohmann, E. van der Harst, Toby

Disclaimer: Monsterhearts is a game about teenage monsters, growing up, sex, violence, dysfunction, and drama. This game is probably going to touch into all of these themes. We'll probably hit some parts that may be uncomfortable for some players. If you don't want to deal with these things, this will probably not be the game for you. 

D&D 3.87 - Dwarf Fortresses of Iron Flood

The damp and dark Stone city of Iron Flood... The Dwarves have long waited for help to turn the tide against the Goblins. Their precious mines lie silent while the goblins kill and plunder ever closer to the city . The greatest obstacle is but a small fortress suspended over a lava cavern.

Heat... and smell of sulfer and raw steel! A hoard of resilient and nasty Goblins concealed within the darkness of the fort. Will you be able to outsmart these Goblins, that have prevailed against so many that came before you or will your mutilated dead bodies burn in the lava below? The Dwarf Army of Iron Flood awaits your signal... 
See more information here

Recommended you bring: d20, pencil, pencil erasers, paper

Desired group: 5 players. Suitable for first time players 

The only way to ensure a spot in this game is to answer the question in the RSVP stating that. For any other questions about game particulars, contact the GM: Paul Kam 

Players so far, in order of RSVP: Paul Hudson, Daniel Raynor, Reidodoom

[FULL] Homebrew - Cosmic Puppets 

Virginia, 1963.

Before the wedding, Ted Burton plans to meet his childhood buddies at their hometown, Millgate. Nevertheless, Millgate seems to have already planed something for them.

Based on the homonym novel by Phillip K. Dick —that you should NOT have read beforehand— this is a metaphysical adventure about dazed memories, restless research and twitching partners. 

Recommended you bring: Pen and Paper and 2D10

Desired Group: 3 players, friendly for new players but preferably an age group of 18+

The only way to ensure a spot in this game is to answer the question in the RSVP stating that. For any other questions about game particulars, contact the GM: Guillem

Players so far, in order of RSVP: Massimiliano Maletta(a.k.a. DocMax), Piotr Zakrzewski, Gert Jan van Harten

Blood, Rust and Wheat - Savage Worlds Deadlands Noir

A young architecture student's death leads the gumshoes through mob wars, Chicago University and the deep underbelly of commodities future trading, and quite possibly something even fouler.

Chicago is a city close to the breaking point, a nexus for dark magic, unending mob warfare, record unemployment and endemic corruption, and the heroes are noir characters in the tradition of Spade and Marlowe with a decidedly Weird twist.

Recommended you bring: Pencils, paper, dice. Pregen characters will be provided.

Desired Group: 5 players, friendly for new players, 16+

The only way to ensure a spot in this game is to answer the question in the RSVP stating that. For any other questions about game particulars, contact the GM: Kris Østvang

Players so far, in order of RSVP: 

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  • Khannea S.

    I'll put it on a list this week with prices.

    October 7

  • Khannea S.

    I have in my cellar an enormous pile of RPG books from the 80s and 90s. Most of it is world of darkness, but there also are a percentage of obscure role playing game titles. Most of the books are worn, some are mint quality. I am selling these books. Ideally people come pick them up (and I already had a few buyers for select items).

    I can package them for interested parties, as long as you pay in advance. Price ranges from 20 for good state hardcores to 5 for clanbook malkavian level materials.

    October 6

    • Khannea S.

      Yes DM, PHB, Psionics and a few MM. I think.

      Pickup the Hague.

      List is too much work, I'll make another video.

      October 7

    • Paul K.

      I only need MM 1. How much is that or all 3?

      October 7

  • Paul K.

    I'm really happy with how this first session worked out. My only regret is that time ran out :'(

    1 · August 9

    • Paul K.

      I'm open to play my Dwarven Fortresses Campaign in a private group (4or5+GM) in Utrecht at my place in the weekends for anyone who is interested. You can all make your own characters (we'd probably spend our first meeting entirely on creating them). Please contact me if you're interested.

      August 11

  • Jeroen

    Had a lot of fun running my first MonsterHearts game. Great players, dark characters even darker NPC's and lots of teenage drama.

    1 · August 11

  • DocMax

    I had a lot of fun, Thank you eveybody,

    1 · August 10

  • Toby

    Enjoyed my first meetup, playing a teenage fay!
    I felt very welcome, thanks everyone :)

    1 · August 9

  • Trask

    Awesome! Really thrilling pathfinder adventure!

    1 · August 9

  • Anna N.

    Not gonna be able to make it, but it looks like my name isn't down for a game anyway... Have fun guys!

    August 9

  • Brendan van den B.

    I RSVP'd for Pathfinder, but couldn't because it was 'full', even though I only count 5 out of 6 players. Is there anything not right someway? thanks.

    July 25

    • Rolf S.

      I can understand the confusion, throughout the meetup's history the notation of +1's seems to have fluctuated between 'person +1' and 'person, person's +1'. I find the latter notation more clear, since people's +1s don't always join the same game as the person that came with.

      July 26

    • Trask

      With Rolf bowing out I guess you can sign up for it again.

      August 9

  • Wouter

    Sorry, decided not to come.

    August 8

  • Rolf S.

    Feeling a bit sick today, won't be able to make it.

    August 8

  • Gert Jan van H.

    Cosmic Puppets sounds awesome. Sign me up :)

    August 8

  • Paul K.

    For those who are interested in D&D 3.87 developments, i've put up a temporary version (30 out of 38) of the New 3.87 Prestige Classes. Download it here:

    July 24

    • Paul K.

      LOL, i can't add the links to the Feats and Spells in my Dwarf Fortresses of Ironflood campaign page... because it is too big apparently (over 7500 chars). Great :S

      August 6

    • Paul K.

      I've updated the Prestige Classes PDF. It now has a layout :)

      August 8

  • Michael S.

    Ick, errors in planning. Other stuff came up, I'll be in Utrecht but won't be joining the meetup.
    (MtG GP Utrecht ahoy!)

    August 7

  • Kris Ø.

    I'm wondering if there is any interest in a Deadlands Noir game. Picked up the rules over the summer, and wouldn't mind running a one-shot game set in Chicago.

    July 31

    • Jonas M.

      Sorry for the delay, I was busy with some other things that needed taking care of. I will add it right now.

      August 5

    • Kris Ø.

      Cool. I thought I had screwed up the registration. See you Saturday.

      August 6

  • DocMax

    Hello DocMax and Massimiliano Maletta are the same person (that is me), so there is still a spot for PK Dick fan!

    July 30

  • Rolf S.

    There seems to be a problem with the RSVP prompt.

    The text for question 2 reads: " If 'no' to the above, which of the planned games would you like to play?"

    July 20

  • Sanne K.

    So sorry that I can't attend to an Utrecht meeting. :( Fortunately it's due to my holiday in France. Decisions, decisions...

    July 17

  • Wouter

    Can the Gm's who didn't yet make a thread over here: about their game and/or post a link to info on the system? With a thread it's also easier to ask questions and collect answers.
    I'm interested in games which are more battle/choices - less conversation, less rules/stats (light roll playing?). But I can't find this info in the game descriptions

    July 17

    • seraphimpunk

      i don't see a post for pathfinder society, but its easier to link to the campaign on­ for any questions. play style varies by GM.

      July 17

  • Paul K.

    Please tell me we can meetup in Utrecht. I would really like to do my Dwarven Fortresses campaign!

    July 11

    • Laurie

      Hi Paul. Added your game to the meetup notification above.

      July 16

    • Paul K.


      July 16

  • Paul K.

    Hell yes!!! I'm really looking forward to this meeting!
    And also i'll be there on time, now i know where it is... and i'm not lending my bike to my roommate the night before :P

    July 16

  • Trask

    Can't wait to throw my new build in a scrap!

    July 9

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