Rolf S.


Hometown: Arnhem

Member since:

September 22, 2011

Are you are looking for us to help you join or create a regular gaming group? What is your availability?

I'm mostly just interested in the monthly meetups.

What RPG games/systems do you prefer? Are there any games you are interested in trying out or playtesting?

I usually prefer systems that are heavy on rules/combat but I'm willing to try almost anything.

On a scale of rules complexity/depth with 1 being rules-light and 10 being rules-heavy, how 'crunchy' do you like a roleplaying rules system to be?

I'd say at least a 7, roleplaying encounters can be played fast and loose but things like combat require well defined rules so that players have the possibility of thinking tactically.

Do you feel able to be the GM/DM for a regular group, or GM a one-off game at a Meetup?

I run a 7th sea campaign and try to run one-off games at the meetups whenever I can.

Have you ever been a GM/DM (GameMaster/DungeonMaster)? If so what systems did/do you run?

Yes, D&D4e, Pathfinder, 7th sea, FATE core and Dragon age RPG.


I'm Rolf Soldaat, I've been playing and GMing RPGs for several years, I'm a bit of a powergamer, but I also enjoy some lighthearted RP. I also have experience GMing D&D4e, FATE core, pathfinder, 7th sea and Dragon age.

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