Terry F.


Hometown: Utreg

Member since:

September 4, 2013

Are you are looking for us to help you join or create a regular gaming group? What is your availability?

I have two campaigns running, one I GM and one I play. both once a week. I do not have time to join any others.

What RPG games/systems do you prefer? Are there any games you are interested in trying out or playtesting?

Any and all? But I'd prefer DnD 3.5.

On a scale of rules complexity/depth with 1 being rules-light and 10 being rules-heavy, how 'crunchy' do you like a roleplaying rules system to be?

I'd say I'm a lenient GM, rules are there to be broken (Or in DnD, make your own house rules is possible), I dont want to break the rules but I do bend them, So I'd say I'm at a 3-4.

Do you feel able to be the GM/DM for a regular group, or GM a one-off game at a Meetup?

Perhaps, but my skill in making a setting robust in NPC's is limited and that's kinda why I'd love to join this meetup.

Have you ever been a GM/DM (GameMaster/DungeonMaster)? If so what systems did/do you run?

Yes, Dnd 3.5/3.75/4.0.


I have been playing DnD 3,5/3,75/4.0 and a friends home made system for a few years now. 27 year old Canadian with brain damage, I love to RP on the dime and foremost, have stupid amounts of fun.

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