Paul R.


Hometown: Almere

Member since:

September 28, 2010


Are you are looking for us to help you join or create a regular gaming group? What is your availability?

I am looking to join a regular group in or very near to Almere.

What RPG games/systems do you prefer? Are there any games you are interested in trying out or playtesting?

I've always played WFRP. But also D&D and AD&D Gurps, Shadowrun, Paranoia Call of Cthulhu etc. I am into Dark Heresy at the moment and would love to pursue that

On a scale of rules complexity/depth with 1 being rules-light and 10 being rules-heavy, how 'crunchy' do you like a roleplaying rules system to be?

You got me there. I like straightforward rules like WFRP simple characteristics and simple sytems do the most for me. Complexity in rules hinders the FANTASY part of the game in my opinion.

Do you feel able to be the GM/DM for a regular group, or GM a one-off game at a Meetup?

I think I could do both certainly GM a one off game at a meetup

Have you ever been a GM/DM (GameMaster/DungeonMaster)? If so what systems did/do you run?

Yes system was WFRP, Dark Heresy


Hi I am Paul Roodenburg. I used to play a lot of RPGs when I was in High school: D&D, AD&D, WFRP, GURPS etc etc. You name it I played it back then. I now Discovered Dark Heresy which is RPG in the Grim universe of WH40K. And AM loving it.

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