Hans W.


Hometown: Groningen

Member since:

July 13, 2014

Are you are looking for us to help you join or create a regular gaming group? What is your availability?

Looking for a group to play in Groningen on an evening during the weekdays.

What RPG games/systems do you prefer? Are there any games you are interested in trying out or playtesting?

I know and like DnD (3.5)

On a scale of rules complexity/depth with 1 being rules-light and 10 being rules-heavy, how 'crunchy' do you like a roleplaying rules system to be?

8 I guess. I like the fact that there are rules, like in real life, but there should be room for creativity.

Do you feel able to be the GM/DM for a regular group, or GM a one-off game at a Meetup?

Able to be DM, yes, but I'd like to know the group a little better first. I still find it hard to evaluate how time consuming a story is, so a one-off is probably a bit tricky.

Have you ever been a GM/DM (GameMaster/DungeonMaster)? If so what systems did/do you run?

Been the DM once for a DnD 3.5 game of 15 - 20 sessions.


Played 6 years of D&D in Nijmegen in different settings, and played DM for a while. Love to create a interesting character and it him/her develop in the world and try to bring something special to the battlefield (don't like munchkin'ing though)

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