What I'm Bringing to the Boggle Picnic


I'm really excited for our first ever Summer Solstice Boggle Picnic.

So that I don't have to rent a U-haul to carry everything, I'd like everyone to bring at least 1 item to share or use. So we don't end up with 14 bags of chips and no salsa, please sign up below with what you're going to bring?

How do you sign up? It's easy. Just click the "edit" link above (You have to be signed in for the link to appear.) If you have any problems, you can just email me what you're bringing and I'll update the page for you.

So we don't have to sit on the grass and get our lovely clothing soiled!

  • Blanket: Peter S.
  • Blanket: Rachel T.
  • Blanket: Eileen
  • Blanket: Karen
  • Blanket: rad
  • Blanket: ann
  • Blanket: Kasey
  • Blanket:
  • Blanket:

So we have something substantial to eat. What to bring? Chips, salsa, pickles, pita, hummus, crackers, cheese, grapes, whatever comes to mind!

  • Finger-food: Chips from Bree T.
  • Finger-food: Something in a pastry shell - Shyly
  • Finger-food: Baby carrots - Rachel
  • Finger-food: String beans...eileen
  • Finger-food: Hummus and Pita - Stacey
  • Finger-food: a package of assorted vegetables and some dip: Vicky
  • Finger-food: Olive/artichoke Dip and bread - Jo Ann M.
  • Finger-food: Cut-up watermelon Jill B
  • Finger-food: Chips - Stacey M.
  • Finger-food: Guac!
  • Finger-food: Lime Tostitos (my fave) - Felicity
  • Finger-food: Grapes - Renee
  • Finger-food: Whatever looks good at Whole Foods (maybe strawberries?) - Holly
  • Finger-food: Cheese & Crackers - Maria B.
  • Finger-food: salsa, to go with the aforementioned Lime Tostitos - Elissa
  • Finger-food: Grapes - Melissa S.
  • Finger-food: Cherry tomatoes - Randi W.
  • Finger-food: nuts or dried fruit- kb
  • Finger-food: either fruit or dip, depending on what I see - Gina
  • Finger-food: cookies of some sort or some other edible treat - max

Not that I'd ever suggest breaking the rules, but if anyone felt like bringing a little vino, I don't think anyone would complain. ;)

  • Beverage: Wine it is. -Jen A.
  • Beverage: Wine! and some cups too. White to be more specific.... -Jill S
  • Beverage: Fresh-squeezed lemonade. I'll bring some cups, too. - Haruko
  • Beverage: Soda and cups - Reena
  • Beverage: some sort of noncarbonated nonalcoholic beverage - rad
  • Beverage: Beer! - Kathleen
  • Beverage: Wine -Jeanne
  • Beverage: A six-pack of something sweet and malty -- Nancy R
  • Beverage: 40s (Old English or Colt 45?)
  • Beverage:
  • Beverage:
  • Beverage:

Cookies, cake, cupcakes, candy... it's all good!

  • Dessert-like item: Leah: Peanut butter-chocolate brownies
  • Dessert-like item: Justin: Watergate Salad
  • Dessert-like item: Cookies of some sort - Stephanie T.
  • Dessert-like item: Entenmans cookies Susan S
  • Dessert-like item: Rice Krispie Squares! - Paulette
  • Dessert-like item: Cookies/ cake/ rugalach?- Jennifer K
  • Dessert-like item: Trader Joe's chocolate covered raspberry sticks - Simeon
  • Dessert-like item: brownies -Kate
  • Dessert-like item: pastries - nieros
  • Dessert-like item:
  • Dessert-like item:
  • Dessert-like item:
  • Dessert-like item:
  • Dessert-like item:

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