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Your Future in Farming & Homesteading

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"Do you want to make a BIG difference in the world growing more food, working with nature, getting off the grid, heating your home..or even building your own home? You must be a beginning farmer or homesteader!

Join Stacey Murphy as she interviews 12 successful practitioners who are reaping all kinds of rewards living in partnership with the land. Any one of these speakers could unleash your potential for growth. Click on over to RSVP & get all the details!

A joyous, thriving life, rooted in the earth is possible for all of us: it just looks a little different depending on where you are. Here are 12 inspiring examples that we can all learn from. Check out what we'll be talking about."

"Here's a taste of what you'll learn:

Stacey Murphy, HOST (Live w/Q&A):

 Backyard Farming for Community Resilience

Leda Meredith:

 Wild Food – Herbivores Can Hunt Too

Janell Kapoor:

 Using Dirt to Build Community

Rob Avis (Live w/Q&A):

 Your How-to Manual for Passive Solar Greenhouses

Megan Toben:

 Healing the Earth Human Relationship

Andrew Faust:

 Designing Your Life with Permaculture

Paul Wheaton:

 Bricks to Build a Better World

Meg Paska (Live w/Q&A):

 A More Natural Beekeeping

Kevin Egolf:

 How to Structure a Land Agreement

Bee Ayer:

 Finding an Apprenticeship that’s Right for You

Molly Culver (Live w/Q&A):

 Growing Soil - Soil Science Basics for Organic Growers

Brian Rosa:

 Scaling Up Compost Operations" 

Get the access instructions and other details when you REGISTER at You can submit questions in advance for the interviews that are not live. Responding to this Meetup does not automatically register you for this event.

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  • Adriana M.

    Hey Everyone! Love to all! Let's keep doing the good work we have to do in this world in permaculture, which is incredibly generalist, and all of the other disciplines that ensure a healthy world for all.

    1 · October 10, 2013

  • Helen

    FANTASTIC program! I signed up for Paul Wheaton's daily email at Did anyone get his Permaculture playing cards? I want a set!

    October 5, 2013

  • Matthew

    Greatly appreciate all who gave their time and knowledge so that others might learn and succeed in their own goals! great work people, thank you! :)

    October 4, 2013

  • Matthew

    I enjoyed Rob's talk on passive greenhouses.
    i am planning to build one here in long island soon.
    and had been considering incorporating some of the added-value features he mentioned (aquaponics,hot-tub etc) it's one of a long list of projects at my home garden.

    October 2, 2013

    • Matthew

      Hi Alice, Really appreciate the posts you just made!!! Great points,and also it's just refreshing and great to feel some life exists out there.

      i've experienced the same low-feedback/interest/tu­rnout on events and 'call to permies' attempted activities that you expressed below( from how i read it).
      "winter is coming" as they say, so i need to hustle on this, i've only had 2-3 responses which makes it hard to set a date for others to join in.

      October 4, 2013

    • Matthew

      on teh 20th i'll host possibly the last potluck of the season, i am about to post that now, i'm also making it a seed-swap in celebration of Vandana Shivas "seed freedom fortnight" which technically is from the 2nd to 16th...but our previous event was last sunday,so i'm spreading them out more.

      October 4, 2013

  • Alice U.

    4. continued...

    In keeping with dynamic whole systems, and principles of integrating rather than segregating and in valuing self-responsibility and dialogue, and in recognizing that requiring certifications builds on a system of privilege -- I prefer to do without making some static rule that assumes some people are 'qualified' while others aren't based on certifications or that tries to exclude life-serving strategies and skills because they don't carry a 'permaculture' label.

    All of this, for example, is something that can be framed as a request, and then as a shared agreement amongst existing event organizers and any new organizers that want to post things... feedback can be gathered from the people are affected, and we can go from there...


    1 · October 3, 2013

  • Alice U.

    4. the question of what's permaculture and what's not permaculture, who can effectively share it, when and when not to use the label, etc and others, which are themes in what you said, have been a topic of discussion among organizers, teachers and students FOR YEARS ALREADY.

    imho, it's something of a rabbithole. my proposal would be that some explicit connection to permaculture, permaculture design, or to design strategies and principles can be INCLUDED in every event posting.

    This leaves room for the myriad ways that permaculture can be connected to (just about anything) and allows for clarity re: why the poster is posting it here and what permaculture-related learning is possible.

    1 · October 3, 2013

  • Alice U.

    3. Greg, you wanted to have a conversation about what gets posted, by whom, and why... it's happening to some degree here, but since this event is ending today - you might consider moving this to a discussion thread, or we can work with the team of volunteers who have stepped forward to help steward the meetup and call a meeting, etc.

    I would love for people who care about this and want to do something about it to participate, give ideas, feedback, and TIME/ENERGY to make the changes. To join in, See #2.

    1 · October 3, 2013

  • Alice U.

    2. To be clear, this meetup was started and was intended to be a free resource that would be self-organized by the people who join it. That means people are not only free, but encouraged, to suggest events that they want to see happen, post events that they are going to (and would like permie-persepective or company at), and post events that they organize. More than anything, the idea is to learn, practice, organize, share permaculture -- in real-life, together. Seven years later, it's still free; it's grown to 1300+ people, and there could be a lot more self-organizing and leadership than there is currently. In fact, I would say a lot more organizing and leadership is needed b/c interest in permaculture has grown the way it has, and because the world is where it is.

    If you want to help make the meetup into something more robust than it has been, post here:[masked]

    1 · October 3, 2013

  • Alice U.

    Hi folks a series of posts...

    1. People vote with their feet, their attention, etc. People have signed up to attend, so at least some people have found this event compelling and want to join. (I for one think it looks great and feel very grateful that Stacey has done the work of putting something like this together, and is offering it for free.) Thanks also to Adriana for posting the event!

    If others feel similarly appreciative, please do express that to Stacey or Adriana directly or here publicly. More gratitude is better for everyone!

    1 · October 3, 2013

  • Sean

    Sorry to have missed. Always remember to not feed the trolls! Obviously, this was a relevant event, even featuring prominent permaculture teachers (plural).

    We co-create our own positive energy and mourn for those who haven't figured out how to keep their cool in a crisis yet, or deal with their frustration by feeling angry about things they should also be mourning.

    October 2, 2013

  • Greg T.

    I suspect not unless the instructor has graduated from a PDC and will bring a permaculture perspective to the topic.
    One of my favorite permaculture teachers is Starhawk, who is now teaching a PDC in New Hampshire. She started out life however as an author of books about paganism, yet she has since studied permaculture and adopted its perspective and become a teacher, albeit one with a unique orientation. One who has studied permaculture seriously develops what Andrew Faust calls "permaculture goggles". These goggles inflect everything with a certain color or perspective.
    So what I'm suggesting is that perhaps if one is to have an event posted on this forum, regardless of the topic, he or she should have at least attended a permaculture introductory session if not a full PDC.

    October 1, 2013

  • Greg T.

    Given its current name, someone seeking information on permaculture might reasonable expect to learn more about permaculture by attending an event on this meetup.
    What in fact then is permaculture? I think I have a pretty good idea because I've graduated from two permaculture design courses. But people who haven't done this probably have at best only a vague idea. Will they find out what permaculture is by attending a forum on sustainable farming practices? On herbalism? On canning and preserving food?

    October 1, 2013

  • Greg T.

    Moderators are rarely well-liked people in my experience, but most groups have one. Permaculture, though evolving, still represents a clear and distinct set of design considerations. Is it not appropriate to consider that content on this forum in some way may homage to these considerations?
    Perhaps the meetup deserves to have its name changed to something like "sustainability" meetup or "forum for people who want to talk about good farming practices" or some other more generic heading. But aren't there already forums on these topics?

    October 1, 2013

  • Steve S.

    NEGATIVE engergy accomplishes nothing. It is best placed on the bottom end of a battery. I disagree completely with Todd's statement.
    How many organic farmers are there out there and how many have attended the course?

    1 · October 1, 2013

  • Steve S.

    I believe this webcast will be very informative and useful for everyone who is interested in learning about the subjects presented.

    1 · September 30, 2013

  • Greg T.

    i don't understand why this is on a meet up for permies. Only one of the presenters is a permaculturist. I think we need to have a discussion what events should be posted here. Otherwise the term permaculture will simply lose its meaning. I know the host Stacey has never studied it.

    September 30, 2013

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