Mike Y.


Montrose, NY
Hometown: Montrose

Member since:

August 21, 2013

How did you become interested in permaculture?

I wanted to find some answers to the messes we humans have created in the ways that we treat one another, other life forms, and natural systems. Much of it stemmed from digestive issues and a feeling of disconnection from my food and other resources on which I rely. It has also stemmed from an awareness of social and economic inequities which will inherently exist as long as we practice business-as-usual, as it inherently encourages people to view and treat one another as objectified means to our own individual survival and access to resources. I feel there are other ways and I am interested in connecting with others and acting both individually and collectively.

If you have taken a Permaculture Design Course, who was your was your teacher and what year did you receive your certification?

I took a course from Dave Jacke, designer/practitioner and author of Edible Forest Gardens. I took the course and received certification in 2004.

How are you currently applying the permaculture principles in your life? (Care of people and the earth, fair distribution of surplus, promotion of diversity, cooperation, integration, zero waste, etc.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permaculture)

I am devoting my career/work-life to designing/planning and installing landscape elements and plantings that will make sites more sustainable, and make them into places that produce and conserve resources. I am pursuing being a local producer of nutrient-dense food crops for marketing across social and economic lines. The business will be a cooperative owned by the employees. I feel this increases democracy in the workplace, economic empowerment and ownership, wages, and overall better decision-making by the company, having more heads all together working on a venture in which they are all invested and owners. I aim to be aware of how my actions affect and influence people, natural systems, and resources, both near and far, and I aim to act accordingly regarding how I treat people in my day-to-day life; in the goods and services I choose to consume; and the businesses I choose to support.

What are some of your favorite permaculture resources? (Books, videos, websites, etc.)

*Masanobu Fukuoka - all writings *Sepp Holzer - all writings *Dave Jacke - Edible Forest Gardens, book. *Brad Lancaster - Rainwater Catchment etc *Michaelle Small-Wright - Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered; The Perelandra Garden Workbook *Eric Toensmeier: Perennial Vegetables, book. *Paul Stamets: Mycellium Running, book *Permaculture Activist; Peter Bane writings and lectures *Permies.com website

What are some aspects of life in New York that you would like to see the group address from a permaculture perspective? (For example: land use patterns, the banking and healthcare systems, transportation, housing, community development, food, waste

1)Banking/financial/healthcare systems. 2)High real-estate property-values/taxes and cost of living in relation to mean wages for a range of jobs. - Making life and economic security for many or most New Yorkers either unmanageable or just on the edge. 3) Food - let's turn more spaces, including the R-O-W into food producing areas! Let's work toward all NYers accessing healthy food, regardless of socioeconomic lines.


I practice sustainable land-use/landscape planning. Interested in food security, nutrition, health/healing w/locally-produced foods; trad. indigenous diets/medicine, lacto-fermentation, playing music with friends! I look forward to connecting!

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