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June 5, 2014

How did you become interested in permaculture?

While studying botany in herb school at ARbor Vitae NYC's school of traditional herbalism with Richard Mandelbaum and Claudia Keel.

If you have taken a Permaculture Design Course, who was your was your teacher and what year did you receive your certification?

As I've said my only exposure to permaculture has been mostly through Richard Mandelbaum and Claudia Keel at Arbor Vitae (herb school) NYC.

How are you currently applying the permaculture principles in your life? (Care of people and the earth, fair distribution of surplus, promotion of diversity, cooperation, integration, zero waste, etc.:

I'm just learning about this stuff...I guess many of the principles particularly re: social justice and reduction of waste, have ALWAYS been mine. In principle if not (nowhere NEAR perfectly) in practice.

What are some of your favorite permaculture resources? (Books, videos, websites, etc.)

none yet! The one I foundon my teacher's shelf...really want to see Mayan permaculture gardens...I'm really interested in the historic aspects of this appears to have been the norm for much of human history--esp for so-called "third world" and "prehistoric" peoples...!! ReThinking People!

What are some aspects of life in New York that you would like to see the group address from a permaculture perspective? (For example: land use patterns, the banking and healthcare systems, transportation, housing, community development, food, waste

whoa. everything. Can I take a raincheck on this one? Strength through diversity and community (not segregation). Food and feeding people who are hungry or malnourished (most of us IMO but poor people obviously take the worst punishment this day in age). Waste (freegans rock--but I'm not one of them!). Just Food's work/school is awesome. As an aspiring herbalist obviously I envision and attempt to practice a more "permaculture" version of medicine. HOUSING? MTA shouldn't institute rogue poor taxes to use the most efficient transit; people should refuse to cooperate with the fare hikes. Ok--raincheck please! Eager to learn!


Student of herbal medicine and the body. Newly hooked (and city-locked) plant enthusiast. General eco/bio/physio geek. Enthusiast of reconciling mind+body, nature+culture which was torn apart by Descartes and his cronies. Full-time stepmom.

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