Weekly Office Hours

NYC Python Meetup Office Hours (No recruiters, no hiring managers)

Every Tuesday evening, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

This month's host: Bitly (https://bitly.com/)


One hour tech talk (45 to 60 minutes). A different speaker and topic each week, not just Python. To suggest topics, comment on this meetup starting with "TOPIC SUGGESTION". Topic will be announced on the meetup page prior to the event.

Resume review, practice interviews, and career discussions/suggestions. A bunch of us are very experienced in these areas, and are more than happy to talk to you about your current skill set, the type of work you'd like to be doing, and ways to progress along your path. A trusted recruiter may be present on certain weeks, to give similar advice. There will be no solicitation of any kind. You must approach the recruiter and state that you want their assistance finding a job. S/he won't solicit you.

Random geeky fun: Bring your code and/or questions about any geeky topic, and there will most certainly be someone present who can help. To give us a heads-up that you're coming and need help in a particular area, comment here starting with "NEED HELP WITH X", for example: "NEED HELP WITH NGINX", "NEED HELP WITH DJANGO". The caps help me scrape this page automatically and send it to select people.


Hiring managers and recruiters are not allowed. Non-developer solicitors are not allowed. People attending to advertise their business is strictly prohibited. This event is only for developers. If however you are willing to hire (contract or employee status) a person new to the tech workforce (not for free, not an internship, for reasonable pay based on their experience and ability to learn) email me (strangest at comcast dot net) with a description of the skills you need. You'll  be placed on the list of resume recipients. The subject should read "HIRING JUNIOR DEV". Resumes are never distributed without the prior consent of the developer.

Follow our twitter feed for updates: @NYCPythonMeetup . If Office Hours are full, we will make an effort to tweet this fact, so you can hang out nearby and pop in a bit later. The goal is to allow people to wander in and out, unlike a regular Meetup. If you get involved in conversation and it's crowded, feel free to take it to a local drinking establishment (we'll tweet your location so others can join you), and make room for people showing up for help.

Profuse thank-yous go to our sponsors for loaning us this space and providing a small bit of pizza and beer during these events.

Thank you, and see you Tuesday night!

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  • Matthew Zadrozny

    Sorry to say I'm not going to make it tonight. Am fielding this http://on.fb.me/1liXYHo­ Will see if I can plug NYCPython.

    February 25

  • Philippe des Rioux

    Do we need more pizza?

    1 · February 25

    • Andy Dirnberger

      It's probably easiest to place an order once people are at office hours

      February 25

    • Silas Ray

      I never have paper cash to feed the box, but I can get a few pizzas for tonight instead. Andy, I'll figure it out with you when I get there.

      February 25

  • Marcus Lewis

    does anyone know a good/ fast library for websockets in python?

    February 25

  • Howard Passel

    And, thank you Aaron!

    1 · February 25

  • Howard Passel

    There's a dollar/slice pizza place on B'dway (I think), just north of Union Sq. I'll kick in $5 towards pizza.

    February 25

  • Aaron Hall

    If someone wants to pick up two 18 packs of PBR, I'll fund it, just buy it separately and give me the receipt! Are there some close cheap pizza joints? Maybe someone else can buy a couple of large cheese pizzas?

    February 25

    • Aaron Hall

      Ok, gonna get it myself!

      February 25

    • Aaron Hall

      OK, I have two 18's of Bud (The Python of mid-priced beers!). If you want to pay me back, you may make suggested donations of $5 to NYC Python!

      February 25

  • Jon Banafato

    Due to lack of sponsorship, refreshments will not be provided at this event. Attendees are encouraged to eat before the event or bring food and drinks with them.

    February 20

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