[python classes]

From: David C.
Sent on: Thursday, April 30, 2009 5:40 PM
Hey all,

I got a lot of invitations to my hack night invitation from
enthusiastic python beginners.   I see a lot of them every week.
Given that response, I'm curious if there is interest out there in
python or django training classes.

I've been considering for a long time putting together an introduction
to python class, possibly spanning over a couple of evenings or
weekend days.  These days I'd also consider putting together a intro
to django course with the right help from community members.  I expect
that putting together the material, training exercises, etc is going
to be a significant investment in time, however, so I'm hesitant to do
it without a reasonable sense that people would be interested.

So here's the question I have for folks:

1) would you be interested a hands-on tutorial session in python, in a
classroom setting?  Multiple sessions?

2) Would you be interested in a similar course in django?

3) Would you (or your work) be willing to pay for such courses?

4) If you're an expert in either of these subjects, would you be
interested in developing course materials with me?  I expect that we'd
give the courses for free for a while and then consider whether to
turn it into a side business venture if the courses were successful.

Feel free to answer my privately or on the list; please keep the subject line.


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