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Channeling Messages of Healing

This is the handout from the Meetup on October 11, 2006. It suggests ways to channel from the Source effectively without imposing limits. Includes a Channeling Worksheet you can use with yourself or others, to keep a record of what is channeled.

Adobe Acrobat file 409K A former member Oct 10, 2006

Group Cards - Jackie Rose

Adobe Acrobat file 240K Jackie R. Jul 24, 2007

Instant Hands-Free Reiki Self-Care

A free reprint from The Reiki Digest. Learn to incorporate Reiki into every aspect of your busy day. Practice anywhere, everywhere, without anyone else even noticing.

Adobe Acrobat file 213K Janet Dagley D. Apr 3, 2008

Group Cards - meryl

Adobe Acrobat file 240K Vandana Atara A. Jun 12, 2008


Additional Information On Sacred Sound Healing Technology Meetup-April 2, 2009!

Adobe Acrobat file 154K Vandana Atara A. Mar 9, 2009


Sacred Sound Healing Technology with Henrik-April 2, 2009!

Adobe Acrobat file 109K Vandana Atara A. Mar 9, 2009



Adobe Acrobat file 51K A former member Mar 21, 2009


Namaste! Please join us in welcoming Kirtan Chant Artist David Newman or better known in the Yogic Community as "Durga Das" for an evening of Devotional & Inspirational Music!

Adobe Acrobat file 404K Vandana Atara A. Apr 21, 2009

Completion Sheet

An exercise sheet to assist you in getting closure on an item. Supports moving on in any realm: relationships, finances, sports, children, job, travel, family, friends, spiritual, love, etc.

Excel spreadsheet 15K Jackie R. Jan 23, 2007

Wise Woman Healing Circle Flyer

Please Join us in Ceremony as we step into the fires of Alchemy, Healing, & Transformation at our first "Wise Woman Healing Circle" to support & empower women. Invoke aspects of the Goddess, Vulture & Crone, Sing, Chant, Pray, & Drum. Namaste, Meryl

rich text file 1.2M Vandana Atara A. May 5, 2009

5th Chakra Healing Voice

Good information on the Throat Chakra excerpt from the Daily Om

Word file 24K Jackie R. Mar 1, 2006

Crystal Grids

Description on how to send Reiki using a Crystals.

Word file 2.6M Jackie R. Jan 28, 2007

The Life of Mikao Usui

Pulled from the internet, this 10 page article provides detail of Dr. Usui's orgins with historical info about Japan (born Aug 15, 1865, died March 9, 1926).

Word file 124K Jackie R. Mar 9, 2006

7th Crown Chakra

Qualities of the Crown Chakra that resides half outside the head and half inside the top of the head, a link to the Universal Consciousness, taken from the Daily Om (a free email service of wonderful articles). http://www.dailyo...­

Word file 23K Jackie R. Apr 18, 2006

First Chakra Seat of the Spirit

The Root Chakra, color is Red, a sense of stability, grounding, courage, loyalty, order, self-preservation. Taken from http://www.dailyo...­

Word file 23K Jackie R. Apr 18, 2006

Second Chakra Seat of Life

The energy center between the navel and groin, color is Orange, the seat of creativity, change, guiding us toward balance. Taken from http://www.dailyo...­

Word file 22K Jackie R. Apr 18, 2006

Third Chakra Reservoir of Strenth

A bright cheerful yellow, the solar plexus area, supports emotions, will, self-esteem. Taken from http://www.dailyo...­

Word file 23K Jackie R. Apr 18, 2006

Fourth Chakra Lotus of Love

The Heart Chakra, a gate between the upper and lower chakras, a lovely smokey green color. Taken from http://www.dailyo...­

Word file 23K Jackie R. Apr 18, 2006

Sixth Chakra Truth in Vision

Known as the Third Eye, a place of dreams, memories, visions, imagination, and big picture thinking; color is deep Indigo Lotus shape of two petals. Taken from http://www.dailyo...­

Word file 22K Jackie R. Apr 18, 2006

Chakra Energy Centers

Intersection of Energy and Spirit - Taken from http://www.dailyo...­

Word file 22K Jackie R. Apr 18, 2006

Chakra Test

Are you out of balance? Take this test to find out....

Word file 27K Jackie R. May 4, 2006

Chakras Handout from Meetup May 10, 2006

Summary of Chakras - Handout from Deborah Lagana-Lorber RN, MSN - Reiki Master Teacher, email:

Word file 29K Jackie R. May 8, 2006

Grounding Exercise

Word file 23K Jackie R. Jun 16, 2006

Chakra System - Rosa Castro Class Handout 11.8.06

Rosa Castro was very informative and spoke of the Chakras, stones & crystals, essential oils related to each chakra. She also guided us in a Chakra Balancing Meditation, then we had chair sessions giving Chakra Balancing energy to one another.

Word file 31K Jackie R. Nov 9, 2006


Read by Stacy Davidoff during the Reiki Meetup talk on Karuna Ki, June 12, 2007

Word file 31K Stacy D. Jun 14, 2007

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