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Occupy the Pipeline!

Selected By: Takim Dahn

At Your GA

Calgary, Canada (map)

Selected by: Takim Dahn

If you would be so kind, I ask that you approach your General Assembly with the idea of occupying the Keystone XL Pipeline. This idea is still in its infancy and I'm not asking you to promise to send people or supplies to Texas or Oklahoma. I'm simply asking you that you ask your members if they would endorse the idea of occupying the pipeline. The overall purposes being to demonstrate both the leadership and focus the corporate media consistently says we lack, to disrupt the pipeline's construction because it has been shoved up our country's ass (literally), and to give more people reasons to join us.

Please try to have the results of your GA's decision together by Friday the 13th, and send them to mxmi@mail.com.

Thank you.

Selected by: Takim Dahn

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Calgary Occupy Together Community

Calgary, Canada Founded October 5, 2011
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