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Occupy Columbus City Council

Selected By: robert c.

Columbus City Council

Columbus, OH (map)

Selected by: robert c.

They could not chase us out legally, so they're finally just going to change the laws/rules to try and get rid of us *by declaration of emergency no less*. But it's not a Completely done deal *yet*. City Council has before it a change in the law preventing groups from taking up any space in a non-commercial use for more than 72 hours.



SR-25 1386-2012 To enact Chapter 906 of the Columbus City Code, 1959, to regulate the use of public rights-of-way for non commercial events; and to declare an emergency.

Sponsors: Eileen Y. Paley *her contact info per the city council website* Office Contact - Columbus City Council
90 West Broad Street,
2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : 645-2010
Fax : 645-0533
Legislative Aide: Nancy Sully"

Please contact her and let her know your feelings, and/or come down to city council Monday July 9th and voice your thoughts and/or show solidarity directly to the council * information on speaking at Columbus City council: council.columbus.gov/content.aspx?id=7930 *.

Please spread the word!

Selected by: robert c.

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Columbus Occupy Together Community

Columbus, OH Founded October 5, 2011
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