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Yarr - Make Bank Pirates Walk the Plank

Selected By: MoveOn Henry

Hennepin County Government Center

300 South 6th St., Minneapolis, MN 55487 (map)

Selected by: MoveOn Henry

Become an OccuPirate. Tomorrow, Wednesday 1/18, noon-2pm, U.S. Bank, start in the Hennepin County Government Center then move through the skyway and out onto the stormy streets if necessary:
http://www.occupyminneapolis.mn/events/event/occupirates-...­ You can follow and keep up to date on it via:
http://twitter.com/OccupyHomesMN 12 pm Wednesday, January 18th 2012 (11am if you need a pirate costume)
Govarrment Center Lobby, 300 6th St S, Minneapolis, MN
Avast, mateys! Though pirates we be, the true pirates arrr hiding within US Bank! They have pirated away our homes while reaping profits from our nation’s stolen riches! Pirates and landlubbers alike, join the People’s Pirates as we marrrrch to US Bank headquarters to demand and end to their greed, and a return of our nation’s treasure.

Selected by: MoveOn Henry

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