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Organizing Party this Sunday- You are Invited!

Selected By: Carol B.

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Dear Friends,

Carol Brouillet is running for Congress to advance the causes we care about – human needs foremost, accountability for abuses of power, transparency in the democratic process, and a well-protected environment. And to be successful we need and welcome your help.

You are invited to her organizing party for volunteers, supporters and friends, this Sunday, April 8, 2012 from 7 to 10 pm at the clubhouse at 505 Cypress Drive in Mountain View. To unseat the corporate-cozy status quo, we’ll need dedicated volunteers, so your time, skills and enthusiasm will be greatly appreciated. From canvassing and phoning to press and community relations, from data entry to event coordinating and much more, we’ll need your participation.

Meet Carol and a great group of other wonderful people at the party . . . and plan to pick-up campaign materials for your neighborhood and community of friends.
Although we would love to see you in person, if you can’t attend, but would like to help, please contact our campaign manager as soon as possible at: jules.c.brouillet@gmail.com or call 650-308-4396

The June 5th primary election is just weeks away! With the new California election law in effect, Carol needs to place first or second to reach the general election in November. Voters from any party can vote for Carol in the primary.

Our combined efforts and resources are essential. We would be very grateful for whatever time you could give us or for any support (including putting up a yard sign or housing volunteers). Check out our website at - http://www.carol4congress.org .

Occupy Congress with heart and integrity!

Sincerely, Jules, Jonathan, Bill

Directions: Turn off Moffett onto Cypress Point Drive. The clubhouse (just past the 3rd driveway on the right) has a big “505 Cypress” sign.

Other queries contact- jonathanfluck@yahoo.com

PS. Hope you can come! Jules is my son and campaign manager, who worked for a year with the American Monetary Institute on Monetary Reform. Jonathan Fluck has worked on a number of Green Party campaigns; he also ran a theater company, is a talented musician, actor, and organizes an annual Peace Film Festival in New York. Bill has worked with me for years with the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and worked for BFUU in their office. Tian Harter is the party host and treasurer of the campaign. We did get 600 signatures to help us get on the ballot, and we are doing our best to ramp up the campaign and create useful materials for volunteers to aid us in our outreach efforts. We'll have a bigger campaign kickoff when we have more time to organize it. We also are working on new Deception, Perception Dollars (which include the OccupyTogether.org website), a special Election Dollar and a special Greenback- to help promote the Green Party of California. We are having a great time working on the campaign, but we could use a lot more help! Carol

Selected by: Carol B.

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