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Selected By: Takim D.

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Having just completed a 2500 mile road trip where we consulted with occupy groups between Washington DC and New Orleans, here's the best information I can give you on the progress of Keystone XL Pipeline right now (and no, I don't care who might be reading this)...

I've contacted well over a hundred groups and, although only ten percent have responded directly, support for this idea is consistent across the nation. In fact, I've only come across one dissenter so far, but I'm not so sure how objective that opinion was since it was offered by a member of a family that has owned a pipe manufacturing business for generations and who views oil itself as 'liquid sunshine'. Aside from that mole, everyone else has been supportive, and a few GA's have already endorsed this initiative (Occupy Phoenix and Seattle have reached consensus, plus I got implied approval from a few of the groups we visited during our little tour). Something I not only appreciate but understand as vital to the success of this mission. So I again request champions for this cause who will take the idea to your local GA's to gauge your occupy's interest in taking the fight to our oily enemies - the elite have much to be defensive about, all we need to do is press them so they expose their own hypocrisy, so it's time we put them on their heels.

Now, as far as direct action goes, my information says that construction of the pipeline will not begin until late May at the earliest because of permit issues and so forth. Also, Keystone will be unable to pressure test their new pipelines for as long as drought conditions exist in and around Texas and Oklahoma. All of which means construction of the XL Pipeline probably will not start until July or August. And as it would not be in our best interest to arrive for a major protest before construction begins since the Canadian company running this bullshit dog and pony show could always delay construction to frustrate our efforts and exhaust our limited resources, I am setting August First as our target date for arriving in the areas we seek to protect.

I am currently in contact with someone who knows where five of the construction sites will be in Texas, know Occupy Tulsa is planning to move on the filth-peddlers in their area in the near future, and am aware that other organizations nationwide are considering or proposing their own actions to disrupt XL. I shall be conducting outreach with them over the next few weeks.

So, what I'm asking of you specifically is to seek an endorsement for this action from your GA if your group has not already done so, determine who if anyone from your occupy would like to join us on August First, and start making plans for how to get to the southern heartland of our country so we can demonstrate the solidarity and cohesion the corporate media consistently says we lack.

I should have another update for you within a few weeks. And any information you could send my way would be much appreciated, particularly if your are or have been pursuing your own line of attack for the XL Pipeline.

We have friends everywhere. This is simply a matter of bringing a sizable hunk of us together to stand up for a better world, so any initiatives anyone wants to pursue would also be greatly appreciated.


Selected by: Takim D.

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    Hey...getting back to you from Occupy San Jose...GA endorse blocking Keystone Pipeline few months ago. As you plan gels, let me know & you can always come to GA & introduce youself & get further endorsements...keep upthe good work!

    Posted by Cory A. May 5, 2012

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