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Our August 5, 2012 Meetup

Selected By: Aaron C.

1255 main st

1255 Main St, Redwood City, CA 94063 (map)

Selected by: Aaron C.

Occupy Redwood City Presents:

Really, Really Free Market III

It's like freecycle.org, but with a location!

A place to give and receive all sorts of things for 100% free. Help keep useful items out of the landfill, while connecting with your community. Examples are Clothing, Household Items, Bric-a-Brac, Fruit from your Tree, Juggling Lessons, Bicycle Repair Services... any and all usable goods and equipment. Rather than wait for the 1% to fix our economy, we are taking direct action to develop ways to directly assist those in need. Together we can create an economy that works for everyone. Leave weapons. contraband and age inappropriate items at home. Help us keep the park clean; find someone to take stewardship of your gifts before leaving.

Another economy is possible; Be a part of it!

Selected by: Aaron C.

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Redwood City Occupy Together Community

Redwood City, CA Founded October 6, 2011
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