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Selected By: Mannee Occupy SF Hailey

4th St Plaza

San Rafael, CA (map)

Selected by: Mannee Occupy SF Hailey

We have held 2 General Assemblies. The first one had around 40 people, and the second had 100 or so. We have been working on ways to outreach further into the community. We have a website: www.occupymarin.org We have an email: occupymarin@gmail.com We have a Facebook: www.facebook.com/occupymarin We have a contact phone number: (415) 226-9109 This is a video of yesterday's GA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEBTuISqsjQ­. There is going to be another General Assembly Saturday at noon in San Rafael at the 4th St Plaza in the public area next to Bank of America. We have been learning a lot about how the other occupations are working and we are trying to get a really solid plan going. We have Media, Communications, Facilitation, Financial, Logistics and Outreach Working Groups that are already working. We have raised over $300 in donations and have great community support. I would like to invite everyone to the next General Assembly meeting on Saturday at Noon in Central San Rafael at the 4th St Plaza. Please come and bring people. We are all so ready for this movement.

Selected by: Mannee Occupy SF Hailey

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San Rafael Occupy Together Community

San Rafael, CA Founded October 6, 2011
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