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Superior Courthouse steps, Water St.

Water St, Santa Cruz, CA (map)

Selected by: Laurie Rubin

No need to RSVP -- most SC Occupiers are not using Meetup to organize -- so check out www.occupysantacruz.org for the latest updates. While we had a far larger group when we had our encampment, those you will find remaining are some of Santa Cruz's brightest, most devoted community members committed to bringing economic justice to the people of our city, our state, our country and possibly even our world as the Occupy Movement IS a Global Movement.

Currently Occupy Santa Cruz gathers M-F at 6pm and 2pm Sat/Sun for our General Assemblies. We come together on the court house steps that face Water Street (across the street from Samba Rock Acai Cafe) near Ocean St. We also meet at other times specific to our working groups. Check our website for further details on working group information.

Please come a half hour before the GA's if you'd like to share a warm meal together (feel free to bring a vegan dish if you can!) where we forge connections and discuss how to improve our region and our lives. Occupy Santa Cruz was sparked in the wake of similar occupations worldwide that seek to address vast wealth disparities and their impact on society. Please come meet us and share you opinions!

Selected by: Summer

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  • Joe Parkhurst's Photo

    You HAVE to watch THIS MOVIE & share it with your friends! "America: Destroyed by Design" It was made 14yrs ago - 14YRS AGO! & it is SPOT ON with what is happening 2day! Watch it for FREE! The Protest against WALL STREET is MORE IMPORTANT AFTER watching this documentary! http://topdocumentaryfilms....­

    Posted by Joe Parkhurst October 12, 2011
    • Vorvon's Photo

      Thanks for the link Joe, although I actually have a huge problem with Alex Jones. Watch out for that one, he's not on "our" side. Checkout his opinions here about the movement. Take his opinions with a grain of salt. http://www.prisonplanet.com...­

      Posted by Vorvon October 24, 2011
  • Craig Lane's Photo

    I am available to talk about local foods and help with the cause

    Craig Lane

    Posted by Craig Lane October 16, 2011

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    Laurie Rubin
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Santa Cruz Occupy Together Community

Santa Cruz, CA Founded October 5, 2011
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