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Declare Debt Rebellion

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The 99% are occupying public spaces to reclaim the commons. We are closing our accounts at the major banks. Now we need to further neutralize the power of the 1% by ceasing our monthly payments to them for the credit card bills, mortgages, student loans, and other debts they say we owe them.


Most of our personal debt comes from the 1% forcing us to pay for things that should be free: from their transformation of housing, health care, education and other human rights into free market commodities.


If all of us together stop paying the banks and credit card companies, everyone in the 99% will be free from the crippling burden of debt. If we do it together, credit scores will become meaningless. Without our monthly payments, the financial institutions of the 1% will no longer function. We can cast off our corporate masters and their political lackeys, and create a new society where all voices are heard, all work is honored, and all people have dignity.



For a printable flier visit: http://debtrebellion.wordpress.com

Selected by: user 29092352

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  • Loree's Photo

    Just FYI- I hope that people realize this doesn't apply to EVERYONE. Only if you fell victim to the economy's nosedive within the last several years causing you to be laid off and go back to school, being stuck with thousands of dollars in student debt and not being able to establish a job out of it, does this apply! Also, if you have accrued higher-than-expected loans costs/interest (not by your fault). This is a really touchy issue.

    Posted by Loree October 31, 2011
    • Laura 's Photo

      Perhaps his point is that if you don't take on debt, you don't have debt....

      Posted by Laura November 8, 2011
  • Katt Bergman's Photo

    Invite your group to go out and support local front line OWS workers Saturday, November 26th. If you can, take along food, hand warmers, warm weather gear and anything else you can think of to make them comfortable. Let them know they are loved and supported.
    From Surrey Occupy Together Meetup Group (British Columbia, Canada)

    Posted by Katt Bergman November 21, 2011
  • Nikki Alexander's Photo

    HR 2990 The NEED Act of 2011 dismantles the private Federal Reserve and creates a public Federal Reserve BUREAU under the Treasury Department where it will be subject to public oversight. The bill abolishes fractional reserve lending, the practice of creating money out of nothing by private banks. Henceforth, ONLY the Treasury Department Monetary Authority would be authorized to originate the nation?s money. Get links to Fact Sheet and learn more at: http://nikkialexander.wordp­...

    Posted by Nikki Alexander November 21, 2011
  • Allen's Photo


    Posted by Allen November 19, 2011

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