From: Kevala K.
Sent on: Sunday, May 17, 2009 8:57 AM
Hello everyone,

I am Bob and I started this meeting up awhile ago but have not really addressed everyone. My current D&D groups are made up of mostly people I have met here on meet up. We are losing a member to the groups (actually have two groups running two different adventure paths). Our groups meet once a month on a Saturday (usually) and we play from about 10 am to 10 pm or when we quit for the night (it has been later).

Another reasons I started the meet up is to put together people who are interested in playing Pathfinder Society organized play. We can play at Olympia Card and Comics or my place depending on how many people we have. My idea to was play at the store (which has a lot of gaming tables). If people are intersted in doing Pathfinder Society play then I would like to play some of those games and build up a character or two within the Pathfinder Society. For those that do not know - it is a bit like PRGA play. Pathfinder is currently 3.5 rules and will have some final adjusted rules in August. The organized play right now is 3.5 and the current published work is also 3.5.

A bit more background information on Pathfinder. I called this group South Sound Pathfinders because I plan to play the Pathfinder Adventure Paths by Paizo and the organized play. Paizo used to produce Dungeon and Dragon Magazines until they lost the license a couple of years ago and they started the Pathfinder line of adventures and began creating a world to place their adventures. Since then they have developed a set of rules modifying the 3.5 rules. For those who are not interested in making the change to 4.0 this is a good option. I choose to go this way because I am not too excited about 4.0 and I love the adventures paths they do and being the paths will be written in Pathfinder I am going that way rules wise because for published adventures they are probably the best I have read or DM's in all the years I have been at this.

For more information on Pathfinder, the world and organized play go to: Paizo

Thank you for reading this and your interest in D&D and being a community.


If you are intersted in either of the topics above please respond - let's

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